>Marketplace Ministry

>We entered into the semi lit market in the morning with many just awaking and trying to shake off their drunken stupors from the night before.

Cathy was hesitant to bring me here because just the week before, her life had been threatened and a staff member beaten. It was an often violent, unfriendly, unpredictable place. I boldly assured her, people don’t act like that with me. Let’s go there and watch the redemption of heaven.

The air was tense. But I carry the atmosphere of heaven with me and I know it. It was effortless. I walked up to the woman who was glaring at us with daggers in her eyes (not knowing she was the one who had threatened to kill Cathy the week before), grabbed her hand and greeted her in Arabic before giving her a big hug. She grinned at my affectionate and enthusiastic greeting and went off to get us chairs calling together all her neighbors so I could pray for them.

Before we left, we had planted a fellowship and they eagerly await our return. This woman became our friend and promised to help us get girls out of the market so they could go to school. The same ones who were hostile a few days prior, were practically carrying me over places it was difficult to walk. There were no sexual comments or even a hint of violence.

“Wow they are totally different when you are around!” It never ceases to amaze me how the very thing the enemy meant to kill and stop me has become what God is using to open doors to bring His Kingdom. I was so overjoyed I got to hang out in my most favorite places of all where there are precious gems waiting to be discovered in the darkness.

Standing amidst the filth and local breweries, the depravity and the suffering, we found hope and joy as these precious ones welcomed us into their world. To me this is a great honor and a great joy. Please pray for us to be able to rapidly raise up leaders to pastor this precious place.

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  1. >what an amazing story Michele!so loven' that…you are so right God uses the most amazing things and people to show His Loveblessing, love and light to you!Catherine

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