>Empires in the Sand

>April 2006

As I was praying with a friend, I saw a staircase in front of me and felt I was to climb it so I did. It ended at this long shoreline of a big beach as far as the eye could see. On the beach, where the damp harder sand was, I saw lots of christian leaders “playing” in the sand (but to them it was very serious—not play at all) building sand castles that looked like buildings and strategic networks and projects. They were oblivious to the ocean behind them except when they needed more water to re-wet the sand. I stood on the shore looking out at the ocean longing for the deep—all my previous building projects leveled and obliterated by the encroaching tide. The few that saw me (most were totally engrossed in their own projects) thought I was foolish, naïve, lacked vision and needed to get busier building.

Jesus then began to speak to me about how this can be what happens in between waves of His Spirit. How the wave of revival comes in again in a sense with the whole purpose of drawing His people out into the deep of Who He is, but inevitably some swim back to shore as it is going out to again build structures on the shore that will be washed away in a later wave. Those that had never seen a wave joined in the building too thinking the ocean was only there to help them build successfully. He then spoke to me about how the only place that is truly stable is that which seems to be in perpetual motion—the ocean of Who He is, of His love.

Suddenly I was with Jesus and we had just launched off a deep sea trench into an abyss that made the Mariana trench look like a kiddie pool. We were going down, down, down and for a while it was all dark but then there began to be a fiery glow that started all around us. We landed a secondary ledge and it was dark above but light was coming from the depths below us.

I peered below us wondering if we had reached anywhere near the middle. Jesus responded to my thoughts: there is no middle, because is NO end to His love. Nothing seemed to move—the water was perfectly still. It was easy and peaceful and safe and there was such rest. I could just lean in to His embrace and rest. Time didn’t seem to exist there. Instead of feeling great weights of pressure of water it was like I was breathing it in so all was equalized and felt just really free. I felt great weights of pressure on the shore but not there.

“Beloved this is were you were created to live—never again be content or even curious about the shoreline or those that are satisfied with building empires in the sand. This is the place of intimacy, fruitfulness, rest and grace I created you for—the depths of My love”