capturing the journey

In the past year, things have gotten crazy.  God-explosions are leading me to into new territories of faith.  I am taffy being stretched in all directions at once.  Up, out, down, right, left.  This unpaved road of my life keeps leading me deeper into His heart and farther out into the harvest in search of His lost bride… and deeper and deeper into my need for Him.

I have been barely blogging our ministry updates as before (partly thanks to sporadic internet in the bush), let alone my own personal journey within them.  I feel from Jesus that is to change this year.  It is time to capture the journey again.  Every now and again I need a change of scenery, even in cyberspace (I have found wordpress more friendly on this connection than blogger, hence the switch for you techies wondering WHY the platform changeover for this new endeavor).

Our old ministry blogs/sites still contain our history ( and all its lovely links), but now I want to invite you to join me on my daily journey on this unpaved road into the heart of God.  Consider this a travelogue of the interior quest in my heart for more than I can see with my natural eyes.

You have read our ministry updates, the joys, the challenges, the miracles from the last four years.  No worries- I will keep writing them.  But it is so easy to look at those and say, “WOW, THOSE missionaries are like flippin’ amazing.  I could never do that. Eeeek those spiders are so big you have to kill them with a machete.”   So allow me to debunk the myth- please… well the spiders are big, but about the rest.

In a generation longing for the real, the raw, I want to step out and share my heart, my journe as it unfolds.  Real, raw, risky with ups and downs, wanderings and ponderings, daily thoughts, longings, victories and misadventures… splattered with art, poetry and random devotional postings along the way.

So I invite you: let’s journey together.  No destiny is realized unto itself.   I pray you too will be encouraged to step off the known path and embrace the unpaved road into your destiny found in His heart alone.

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