tell us a story :: 001


So I thought we could have a bit of fun on my new blog.  Here’s a new game.  We like to play games in my house.  I do after all have 101 children.  We have 1001 fun, insightful and crazy images here from our years in the bush.  I am starting a regular post series called, “tell us a story…”

I will post a picture with that title for the post.  You reply in the comment section with a story, reflection, poem, quotable quote that goes with it.  Consider it an exercise routine for your creative juices.  We artists call them creative prompts.  And they are just that.  An exercise in creativity– which we can all use more of, right?!!?!   Let’s see how many replies we come up with… and how many giggles!


13 thoughts on “tell us a story :: 001

  1. Love this picture. From the beginning of your love building thing there Sudan, I hve savored this little Vicky Joy’s face and name. Don’t know why, I think my sweet precious Heavenly Father’s love reached out through her right into my heart for this ministry and I have been hooked every since.

    Perfect little picture of a face saying “I’m so scary…, see??? And a heart full of “pick me, pick me!!! We see you chosen little ones by the One Who smiles on you. Look I can see a big sloppy kiss from heaven all over you!’

  2. Vicki Joy screams…. (be afraid be very afraid)…. here comes that white woman who keeps trying to love me, kiss me and hug me…Little Girl on right is the straight man in this little act of terror…Girl in backround is thinking the white lady knows your bark is worse than your bite Vicki Joy … you can run but you can`t hide from the love of Jesus in her heart for you!!!!!!

    Thank you Michelle for this picture I was in Yei in Oct 2009 with a small team of 4 and we spent 10 days in your compound with Angela and Katherine…..I was so blessed to be a part of Iris and the children taught us so much ….Vicki Joy stole my heart and we becmae friends but that picture spoke volumes to me as I remember trying to get close to her and she would scream and scream but I was relentless and eventually won her heart but each time it was a challenge…..Reminds me of how the Father is with each of us as he is relentless in his pursuit of our love for him..and the times we cry out and push him away because of the fear of the unknown…. Give them all a big hug from us… Judy, Randy, Linda & Rick…God willing we will be back I hope soon!!!!!!! PS it was also beautful to see the picture of miss Vicki Joy in your newsletter with the big smile on her face that warmed my heart and yes of course the tears do fall as I relive those moments spent in the heart of Sudan !!!!1Bless you for all that you do…Judy Riske

  3. (girl on right) “Do you have to be so dramatic? It’s only a photo”
    (girl on left) “Yes, I’m always dramatic! What would a photo be without me being dramatic?”
    (girl in background) “Here we go again…”

    Love what your doing Michele! Are you coming back to WA anytime soon?

  4. Okay, does she have to be so dramatic over pancakes for breakfast! And the one in the background, “Where? Where are the pancakes?”

  5. I am so hungry I could eat a whole elephant! I’ll can open my mouth really big and gobble the whole thing up. Like this, see?

  6. Oh this is such an awesome photo! My first though was “the spider is how big??”
    But here is another take on it:


    I am a lioness
    Hear me ROAR
    ‘Cos my Papa is the King of ALL!
    He makes me mighty,although I’m small
    In His arms
    I can SOAR!

    So out of my way
    every demon of hell
    You don’t stand a change
    with my Daddy on the prowl!

    He makes me stand TALL
    Through Him I will conquer all
    Hear me, hear me, hear me…

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