finding him

beauty on waters of grace, breathing life into depths unseen, unknown...

I have been reminded of revelations from days gone by that have grown dusty in the recesses of my heart.  It is time for them to be revisited, revived, released, responded to.

Right down the very unpaved road from my home, Jesus placed a reminder of His grace.  I love how He speaks through the world right around us if we only have ears to hear.  Metaphors of His life cry out from creation itself!

So there we were trundling down the road in a place once plagued by LRA rebels and violence, even as recently as last year, on our way to look into a possible situation needing our assistance.

Tall bush grass gave way to thick forest growth eventually yielding itself to frame a small pond in the filled with white water lilies.  The sun glinted on the waters, highlighted petals on these demonstrations of grace.  It never ceases to amaze me how God loves to put His beauty on display in the most hidden of places.

I live a prophetic journey.  I want to see, to hear the stories of God’s heart daily, not just in the realm of visitation but in lessons He leaves all around me when I have eyes to see them.  Like many things in my world, these simple flowers were a metaphor of so much more.  Someone once pointed out to me that water lilies are found on every continent but Antarctica.  That’s a pretty nifty factoid when you ponder it.

They effortlessly rest on the planets darkest and most hidden waters, blooming in the middle of warzones, breathing life into the depths of unseen darkness, rooted in mystery, purifying and changing whole climates and atmospheres by their very presence.

As I looked across this pond in the middle of certifiably nowhere and watched these floating white pearls sparkling in the sun, I was reminded that Jesus will have a Bride from every language, tribe and tongue.  He will have a radiant pure Bride that learns to find Him in the middle of the darkness and breath life from His realm into theirs.

He will have a Sudanese Bride that arises in the fullness of her destiny, bathed in grace, clothed with beauty, living in truth, set free to become who she is created to be, finding Him even in deepest darkness, changing the atmosphere around her.

I got back into the car, carried on down the unpaved road, the image of this pond rooted in my heart, a prayer without words to Jesus for my adopted nation, for my own journey.

I too want to be one that finds Him even in the middle of the darkness, one who so carries His glory, the darkness around me bows before the light.

beauty resting
on waters of grace,
blooming in darkness
shining in war zones,
breathing life into
depths unseen
radiant bride
the dance of
calling you forth
to be clothed
in radiance
to be
and breathe
the reality of
another realm
your own.

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