popcorn and possibilities

So here we are.  Monday.  And I am already tired.

I went to town today with our new missionary team and took them shopping.  We hunted and found popcorn for the movie night tonight.  Picture this: 100 eager children crowded around a small laptop screen oooooh-ing and aaaaahing together munching down on the first popcorn some of them had ever had, all under a starry heaven with lightening accenting the distance.  Doesn’t get much better than this!

We watched the first disk of the Planet Earth series and I was astounded.  I’ve been meditating alot on water, light and life.  Revisiting old revelations and receiving new ones.  So here comes Mr voiceover man saying in his fabulous british accent,  “water and light determine the amount of life that can be sustained in a place.”  Hmmmm let’s just chew on THAT one for a bit shall we!

So that’s about all.  Except that we decided the tailor might have 100s of dress designs on the wall, but he only has about 3 coming from his sewing machine.  LOL.  We love him anyway. Add in several hours of computer work and setting up a vimeo account on barely there internet speeds for video hosting of my new reality series online Love Out Loud debuting sometime in the future.  Just another relatively normal day in the bush.  Tomorrow the art classes commence so I am off to bed.  Love to you all!

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