butterfly wings

Three years ago I was sitting in my room in Sudan.   Jesus had been speaking to me about flying with Him.   So casually I asked, “So what kind of wings do I have Jesus?”

I rather expected to see eagle wings.  Instead He replied, “Beloved you have butterfly wings that will color earth with heaven.”  I had an immediate picture of me with gorgeous iridescent multicolored butterfly wings, shimmering in His light as both a sheer reflection of His beauty and a strong reminder of His grace.  I was flying through monochrome landscapes devastated by despair and war.  The colors of heaven were coming off my wings to transform the atmosphere and circumstances around me, infusing them with His love that outlasts every storm, His light that outshines every darkness and His life that overcomes every obstacle.

Butterfly wings have become a metaphor for me.  They are stronger than most people give them credit for and yet profoundly delicate at the same time.  When touched by man, they are easily shredded and destroyed. Gentle strength, delicate tenacity, sheer grace.  Butterflies are seers beyond the seen.  They can see color in the ultraviolet spectrum outside of the range of normal human vision.  May we too have eyes to see beyond the seen.

It is not for us to touch the things of God or try to control them, to put them on display.  They are meant to fly free.  We are meant to fly free untouched by the opinions of man but yet beautifully enfolded in a family that loves us and releases our wings to soar.

May a whole movement arise that colors earth with heaven, dances through the nations and twirls in the middle of storms releasing His life that overcomes all!  Here is a picture of this from a dear friend of mine and artist extraordinaire, Claire Hollywell.  (Click on the picture to see more of her work!)

This beautiful painting by my friend Claire Hollywell of Renaissaince Art depicts the transformation of new life coming out of the cocoon

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