the authority of his beauty

Light in the darkness

april 2006

Jesus is a different kind of King.  He wears a different kind of crown.  His crown is beauty.  Stunning radiant beauty before whom every knee will bow and every tongue confess.  And He longs to bestow this crown of His beauty on us, His Bride.

It is the beauty of the Lord upon us that establishes the work of our hands (Ps 90:17). But He only gives this crown of beauty for ashes (Isa 61:3).  The King bestows a crown of His beauty instead of ashes.

It is His beauty that compels us to be as light in the darkness and run to the broken places.  It is His beauty that compels us to run to the desperate places.  

God gives us the authority of His beauty for ashes.

Why do we get a crown of beauty for ashes?  Because we have said yes to being consumed.

We have become so consumed in the fire of Who He is we are see-through in love.  That when the world looks at us they see is Him.

Jesus, we want to be the ones You can trust to wear the authority of Your beauty because we have been consumed by Your love that compels us to run into the dark places to embrace the broken.

What we behold we become.  It is that simple.  As we behold His beauty we become those that carry His beauty into places of brokenness.  So we fix our eyes on the Lamb.  We fix our eyes on the only One Who is all-together lovely and beautiful.  We want to be consumed by His love until all that we are is found in all that He is.

Then more will happen in a day than we dreamed in a decade.  Not because of any good idea of man but because we are consumed lovers of His heart.

Hear the song the love song of the King.  He’s seeking a Bride He could adorn with His beauty that wouldn’t settle for the cheap imitations of this world.  So we lay down our own beauty just as He laid down His own majesty.  He had no loveliness or form that we would desire Him.  He was unrecognizable in bearing our shame and our sin and our pain but yet He is the very essence of beauty itself.

Beloved, if we get a glimpse of His eyes, if we get a glimpse of the only One who is altogether lovely and altogether holy and all together wonderful and altogether perfect in all He is and all he does…  If we get a glimpse of His eyes of fire; of the one who said:

The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted to proclaim freedom for the captives  and release from darkness for the prisoners.

If we get a glimpse of Him, we can never be the same.  

It is not about working harder.  It is not about running faster.  It is about having your eyes fixed on the Lamb, on the one who is the Healer, the Lover, Who is Everything- He’s all in all.  He’s Alpha and Omega.  He’s Beginning and End. He’s a lover to the lonely.  He’s Father to the orphan  He’s the King of kings and the Lord of Lords. He’s completely ravishingly beautiful and He is in love with us.

He is looking for a Bride: a Bride that’s willing to be consumed.

  All I have to is look into the eyes of the One Who laid everything down for me in love and I am undone all over again.  His eyes are beautiful.  Nothing on earth compares to the beauty found in His gaze.  Nothing.

 So how could I not go to the places he is dreaming of?  He’s dreaming of a  Sudanese Bride.  He’s dreaming of an African Bride.  He’s dreaming of the day He gets to kiss the face of His veiled Bride from many corners of the world.  He can’t have a wedding without a Bride and there are whole parts of His bride that are missing.  I’m on this planet for one purpose: to find His lost Bride.

To prepare for Him a radiant Bride from the nations that is crowned with His beauty.

  It’s not about having a having a good program or a good plan or good blueprint or a good strategy.  He’ll give you those when you need them, but its not about that.  I had all of them.  I read all the books and had all the plans and I carried them with me half the time.  All my plans and strategies never changed anything.  He stripped them away until all I was, was in love with Him.

It’s just about being in love with Him.  He longs to put the authority of His beauty on you and in you and release His beauty through you.  But you have to be willing to be consumed because He only gives that authority for ashes.

  You have to be willing to let the fire of His gaze turn to ash anything in you that does not look like Him…, to so set you ablaze you are see through.

Maybe you’re not called to Africa, but where ever you are called you’ll be totally changed by a love you can’t contain, and a love you can’t control and a love that will so consume you that you will become the essence of His beauty to the brokenness around you. 

And there crowned with the authority of His beauty, His Kingdom will come.

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