painted skies

I still believe Jesus paints the best pictures…

This seriously was our sky tonight.

It was so beautiful, I just thought I should show off how Papa God blesses us in the bush.

And on the day we kicked off our Talking Walls Art Academy too.  Very good timing.

Well it is late and as is normal, I still have yet to pack for my trip to Kampala tomorrow.  Much of my allowance will be taken up in carrying a fuel injector for our Land Rover in for repairs.

It is heavy!!!!  But amidst all my wanderings and ponderings biblically of late on here, I thought a good ol’ fashioned- hey Jesus paint’s the best pictures EVER post was definitely due.

On second thought I am going to bed and will pack in the morning.  After all most of my luggage is taken up with metal this time LOL.

From our home to yours: sweet dreams and we love you!

4 thoughts on “painted skies

  1. Beautiful photo’s Michelle, I love the one with the little girl walking in the foreground – may I paint it please? (A painting of a photo of a painting by Him!)

  2. Thanks for the picture of the beautiful sky! I love the sunsets here in Uganda ! I think Africa must have the most extraordinary skies most of the time at least in this part of this enormous continent.
    I am enjoying all of your posts and am being challenged and uplifted. Keep sharing.
    in Him,

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