I have become fascinated with the art of my home here in Africa- the color, the textures, the contrasts, the vibrancy of every day life, the incredible possibilities for mixed media pieces that would be completely their own genre.

So I am starting to explore how I can take the styles of art all around me and in corporate them into my own unique expressions and formats.

Here is the first in a growing series inspired by Africa.  It is called Journey.  Painted in artist grade watercolors and ink on archival quality water color paper, it is done in a style common to local batik artists.

It is a picture of the generations journeying together.  The older generation filled with the fruitfulness of wisdom and the younger carrying refreshing waters of life.  They are surrounded by butterflies of grace.  (Click on the picture to find out how to order prints)

What better thing to do with an afternoon off than create!  I am so looking forward to the end of the month when I will be taking a day to peruse the market here for inspiration and things to show off when I come to the USA this time.

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