an ancient new sound: restoring trampled mantles

mar 4 2006

I heard Jesus say:

“I am unleashing a new sound.  It is the sound of the deep, of My mystery.   It is the sound of laid down love and outpoured lives.  It is an ancient sound—the sound of the burning ones.  It is a sound that is only captured in the antiphonal song between generations, in the cries of the generations intermingled together as they rise.  It is not heard nor can it be with one generation alone.  It has only been heard on earth as an echo from eternity but never in the fullness that I now desire to release.

The sound has not been unleashed even in part in many, many years because it requires My Bride to walk in an intergenerational dance that she has not had eyes or ears for… it requires both the roles of moms and dads and sons and daughters to be embraced and honored.

This sound has been echoed, glimpsed in movements of old like the Moravians and the Celts but recent days have seen only a glimmer of its existence—except for a very few who have heard the sound echoing in their own spirits and hearts.  These few that hear the sound have been often thought strange and many times been relegated to obscurity.  They don’t fit in the mind or understanding of man.  But they that hear the sound, hear My heartbeat from heaven and it reverberates in their hearts to be released.  They can’t escape it or turn it off.  Even if they try, in quiet times, in the silence of the night hours it returns and builds and will not be denied.

This is the sound of the mothers and fathers in the earth rising up NOT only to release the younger generations but to fulfill their own mandates from Me and embrace their own mantles once again—mantles that in many cases have been dropped too soon…”

Then I was taken into an encounter where I walked into an arena field as in ancient times.  It was a field littered with trampled mantles.  Mantles that had been given to the next generation in the name of raising them up, but were handed over too soon and so the youth could not handle the mantles especially in the midst of the battle and dropped them, trampled them, abused them and ultimately cast them aside to fashion their own.

The scene rewound and I saw its beginning.  The older generation of mamas and papas in the faith and in life invited the younger generation in to fight with them.  To learn from their war and their love.  Just before the gates started to open- a young twenty-one year old stepped up and demanded: YOU give us your mantles.  We are ready to fight.  It is our time.

Many of the older ones handed over their precious garments and silently faded into the sidelines, wondering what was left for them.  The battle came and many of the young ones were injured and the mantles abandoned in the heat of the fray.

The older generation was left with nothing but trampled, bloodied, stained mantles in a field, as they were standing to the side watching.  In effect when they passed their mantles prematurely and these mantles were dropped, some of the mothers and fathers began to live like they had already died and God’s dreams for them were no longer valid, nor could they participate fully in His purposes.

So they stood on the sides recalling the days they were anointed or had vision or dreamed His dreams.  Now all that was left to youth.  Of those that stood on the sides, a few heard the sound and had secretly held on to their mantles and hid them away so they would not be ripped from them to give to those not yet ready to steward their weight.

I then saw angels enter the field and begin collecting all the fallen, trampled mantles and dusting them off, cleaning them up, mending their tears and then trying to return them to their owners.  But most of the owners did not want them anymore because they had grown accustomed to the sidelines.  So the angels found those who had held on mostly in secret to their mantles, who heard the sound and began to give them the once trampled, now restored but unwanted mantles and point them back to the field of contest.  They were few in number but even so eternity cheered as they joined in the battle at hand.

I heard the Lord continue:

“I do not desire another “youth” movement, but rather the restoration of moms and dads to sons and daughters—an intergenerational blending of passion with wisdom.  This is the sound and spirit of Caleb—the sound of those that will inherit My promises.  Their eyes have glimpsed the land and they will not be deterred even if they have to wait for their entire generation to die in the wilderness of their own choosing to do it.  They will not be disqualified from their inheritances.

Many in older generations have tried to pass their mantles too quickly in the name of raising up the youth, so the mantles have been dropped and trampled or taken and abused by those not ready to wear them.  I am collecting and returning the trampled mantles to the ones who hear the sound, who have held on to Me.

In many cases I cannot return them to their original owners because they are no longer wanted.  So I will instead give them to those who have been holding onto Me—even when they couldn’t see, didn’t understand and did not fit.  They are not many in number but they are mighty in Me and the sound can not be unleashed without them.  Though many, even most of their generation have “died” in the wilderness (even if they are still living)—THEY WILL NOT!  They will not only inherit and walk into My promised land for them, they will join hand in hand and heart to heart with those in younger generations I am causing to hear the same sound.

Not many there hear it either yet but it is growing and one day will be so loud it is undeniable.  Together they will join heaven’s song and release the antiphonal reality of worship that echoes in eternity into the earth.

Now instead of mantles being trampled, I desire them to be multiplied even as with Elijah and Elisha.  Elisha did not get Elijah’s mantle until the appointed time and it was not up to Elijah even to give it away.  That was My decision and Elisha only inherited it because he had paid the price to have eyes to see.

When I gave him Elijah’s mantle it multiplied and became his own… it was no longer merely Elijah’s.  It became his own and it fit him completely.  Man cannot do this—only I can do this.  The mantles I am restoring to older generations will be multiplied in the younger at the right time and become their own to walk in and then in turn pass on, but not prematurely because My dreams have not yet been accomplished in the lives of those that wear them.

And I am not content to leave those that are holding on to Me relegated to the sidelines of broken dreams and unfulfilled promises. I am the God of Abraham, Isaac AND Jacob. Just because Jacob was born did not mean I relegated Abraham and Isaac to now sit on the side and watch or that I forgot My promises to them.  So hear the sound.  Hear the cry of Caleb arising and the sound of eternity’s song being released in the midst of generations stepping into the movement  of My heart that includes both young and old—all who hear the sound and continue saying yes.”

2 thoughts on “an ancient new sound: restoring trampled mantles

  1. This is what I hear the Father saying to the Church. He has always moved in the generations. Abraham, Issac and Israel. He is calling the Fathers and Mothers to embrace the sons and the daughters and their children’s children until the glory of the Lord fills the Church and the Bride has made herself ready for the Bridegroom.

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