mosaic dreams

This week I have had the privilege to spend time among those whose fragmented lives look like shattered glass on the road side.

Many see rubbish, I see redemption waiting, longing, yearning to happen.

I’ve been in the tin shack brothels built on burning rubbish heaps and sewage laden mud the last few days dodging fights.  I have been in hovels and slums pleading with drunk, volatile family members to release our 3 newest treasures.  Precious little girls ages 3, 7, 12 slept safely in my room last night.  For the first time in their little lives they were tucked in, prayed over and blessed into sweet dreams all night long.

They woke confused why the rain was not coming inside the house this morning, how they were still warm and dry.  Their bright faces signaling the dawn of a new day.  My heart longs for the rest here: 3 are coming home today, we only have a few million to go.

My friend Angela Greenig says, “To the world you may be just one person but to one person you may just be the whole wide world.”   That statement has never been truer than it is here right now.

I know many look on the very places of destruction I love to spend time at and wonder why. What can be done with the broken shards of dreams and futures?  What can be done with shattered hearts and lives stuck in the cesspools of life?  It is all so overwhelming, risky and depressing.  Wouldn’t you rather be sipping Starbucks in a cafe somewhere?

Maybe I have mosaic lenses.  I see brokenness as an invitation for beauty.  I see shattered shards of hopes and dreams as pieces just waiting to be collected, polished and placed into mosaic canvases expectant for expression.  Maybe the glass will never be a mirror again as it once was, but it can be transformed into something more than it could have ever been before it was broken.  It can become a masterpiece of grace.

So if you ask me WHY I like back alley ways, brothels and trash heaps so much, my answer is because Jesus does.  He loves making mosaics in the mud, bringing beauty out of brokenness and so do I.  I believe His love makes mosaic dreams come true.

9 thoughts on “mosaic dreams

  1. Oh what treasures awaites you my friend when you reach the portals of our glorious home called heaven. It will take the Ach-angels to carry the books written with your works of loving kindness to the throne. You have always inspired me with the array of words that flow thru your tiny but grand being. I love you and so blessed to call you my friend. Praying for your continued favor and access into the cesspools to bring the diamonds out for Gods Kingdom.

  2. Michele, God’s love is amazing and so are you! Your passion for those in need of His love inspires us greatly.
    S and F

  3. Michele, this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. You have written many wonderful things-this one touches me in a mighty way. As someone who lived a fragmented life shattered by addiction that God has truly transformed into a beautiful masterpiece of grace, healing and mercy; it draws me in. Into the children who Jesus longs for us to protect and love, to tuck in and kiss goodnight- who’s young tiny lives have been shattered and He is wanting to use us to help Him make them a masterpiece.
    Love and prayers to you sister & much love in Him. Hope to see you soon in Middleburg. We miss you @ CFC.

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