the art of storm shifting

the eye of a storm from heaven's point of veiw

I have often wondered, “If we have authority over storms we can sleep through, what about the storms we can dance in?”

A few years ago in the middle of one of our famous rainy season squalls, I was contemplating storms as the rain pounded the roof overhead.  Suddenly I was taken into a vision of an army of people arising to dance on a stormy ocean in the middle of the night.  They spun and twirled in a symphony of light right in the middle of the raging darkness.  It was so beautiful even the angels stood in awe.  Maybe that is who we are called to be?  The storm dancers, the light carriers…

These are the unlikely ones, the burning ones, the passionate ones the world has overlooked and called foolish.  These will arise from the ends of the earth with a yes cry in their hearts and a song sung with their lives.  What would a people look like who are fully embraced by love?  What would a people become if they were totally set free to be who they truly are in Him?  What would an army of love be, released from the darkest corners of the earth to carry the light of His face, reflected in their own, as they see who they are in Love’s eyes?

Storms in life are inevitable.  They come and go.  Some are light rains, others destructive monsters.  I grew up in Florida.  Every year there is a time called hurricane season.  I remember nights glued to weather reports featuring wind battered soaking reporters as we waited to see which direction the swirling mass of wind and rain would head.  Windows boarded up, food stored, bathtub and buckets filled with extra water, batteries and flash lights on hand: we watched and wondered.  Being far enough inland to be safe, we prepared to ride out the fury of the impending season.  Every time they mostly went around.  But we were ready if they didn’t.

I am no stranger to storms in the natural or in the spirit.  My life has been filled with them.  I choose to look at circumstances not as sentences or inevitabilities, but as invitations into something more.  Every storm brings with it an invitation to dance on the waves and let the wind teach you to fly.  Every storm carries the opportunity to learn to stand in its midst and shift its course and outcome.

Storm shifting is a fine art.  We only have authority over storms we can sleep in.  We only have authority in storms we view as invitations to radical abandonment and trust.  Fear displaces our authority, but Love sustains and increases it!

How do you shift a storm when the winds rage and waves crash all around you?

I learned something from all my years of watching hurricane seasons come and go.  Storms in the natural have an order to them.  Hurricanes blow and churn around an eye, an undisturbed place of peace in the middle of the chaos.  If you disorganize the eye wall or the order of the storm, it breaks up and disintegrates.  The power of any storm is in its structure.

Psalm 29 talks about the power of the voice of the Lord. His voice is over the waters, over the stormy seas and His voice resides in us when we live lives that agree with Him.

Psa. 29: 3, 9-11: The voice of the LORD is upon the waters;
The God of glory thunders,
The LORD is over many waters…

…The LORD sits enthroned over the flood;
the LORD is enthroned as King forever.
The LORD gives strength to his people;
the LORD blesses his people with peace.

In the middle of the storm, in the hurricanes of this world we do have a place of safety.  We can stay in the eye of the storm by staying eye to eye with the One who has power over it.  From the place of peace, we then dispel chaos.  We can only dispel darkness if we carry light.  We dispel fear with love.  We dispel chaos, when we walk in peace and rest as a violent choice in the face of the onslaught.    When the flood comes, we don’t panic at the rising waters, we look for His throne.  We look for the place of His authority, His kingdom reality OVER the floods of the enemy.  And from there we reign.

We are to be those that stay in His gaze, in His EYE during the storms we encounter on our journey.  Indeed, we even are to become the eye of a HOLY storm when we live from the center of His gaze.

(repost from Dancing Through the Storm: Living a Life of Love that Outshines the Darkness, my new dedicated blog for a current writing project ;-))

4 thoughts on “the art of storm shifting

  1. I have been intrigued lately by a few things, and all of them have to do with authority. The storm thing seems in part to be a matter of taking authority over the situation.

    Lance Wallnau is big on the idea of taking the high ground as Christians and changing the culture in a sanctified way. He taught that science says that in a room full of people even the heart beats of those who are there will change to respond to the one with the most influence. Maybe it was Bill Johnson, but fascinating none the less.

    Paul mentions weakness being where the dunamis rests upon him. Getting lower seems to bring the power all the way down. But the Christian way of getting lower seems mostly to done in ignorance of what Lance Wallnau speaks of — even as Paul speaks of being seated in the heavenlies.

    Really successful people with lots of money often have enormous calm about them. There are the other manic Type-As, but authority seems to flow toward people who are hard to rattle. They see storms as opportunity. Economically, you have to be on the right side of the disaster to profit from it.

    I don’t know how, but what would happen if you could put all three back together?

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