3 thoughts on “Encountering Heaven, DC: Session 1 Recap

  1. This youtube video is an answer to a pray in my heart that I might be able to experience a worship time with you (Michelle) while you are in the U.S. I live in Utah and am far from your speaking assignments. But I read your book and believe in what you are doing in Sudan and wanted to come taste of your spirit as you lead towards God and Christ. I want to be alive in Jesus and am having a hard time holding to that faith right now. So thanks for the recap and I look forward to more b/c I feel connected to you, to God, to my faith and I have hope in the peace and joy that I desire.
    Thanks and love!

    1. your response is as i may have said, hoping to meet up with one of these events while the opportunity was so close, but like you i didnt make it….but….one thing is for absolutely sure…He is Living Here and now with Us and He is With You and will come in and Sup with You…set a plate, share your plate with Him and All Kingdom of Heaven doors will open wide to you of the knowledge of their tangilble exac t presence right here where you are….and it really is Him….and the Holy Spirit and i hope you will see Him so close as He is as close as the breath you breath continually…and All of Him…so amazing…i hope you see while you are His Living Breathing Body and Vessel how He has provided a hug and Love…within You…and it is Him…in Person…He will walk and breathe with you and for you…and Jesus He is Here also and it is Him in Person and The Holy Spirit, inside of you with All of Creation with You and You with them….i hope you see…if you need help to see….i can tell you how He lets you see….so clearly…and …if you read ephesians and collossians and galatians…He is Here…exactly like that…One Body in Yours…with you….He …if you touch your fingers together or touch your cheek gently…that…is Him…it really is….and many of the Kingdom of Heaven are Here to confirm this…The Holy Spirit will confirm this…it is Him and He and Christ Jesus and All and in All and they are here with you

  2. Dear Michele,

    Thank you so much for your message to treasure what we do experience as we press in for more. I needed that reminder. I get impatient sometimes waiting to know more of heaven, but Abba has so blessed me already! I love you so much – the purity of your childlike love and I desire so much to live the same way. Thank you for this personal blog. He touches us through you.

    May Abba pour out the richest of blessings upon you and yours.



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