my favorite place on earth

There is such a shifting here… I am just undone. God has begun to do things I have been praying for for 3 years or more here.

Our kids have broken through the affection barrier and now sweep me off my feet with hugs!  Literally.

Susan one of my daughters, who I brought home to live with me when she was 9 out of a severely abusive situation, came up behind me in family prayer time  last night and wrapped her little arms around me and prayed for me for 20 min in fluent ENGLISH totally prophetically, completely anointed. UNDONE.

The year before I came here, I had an encounter where I was face down and all of these children were laying hands on me and praying.  I could only make out clearly one little girl’s voice.

Susan had me in her arms praying exactly what I had heard that young girl praying. “Thank you Papa for sending her to be our mama. Keep her safe. Thank you for her. Fill her with your Spirit, with your strength, with your love. Let her know how much we love her. Thank you for sending her to us. Give her everything she needs.” I realized as she prayed it was HER voice I heard.

This is SO my favorite place on earth. I kind of think it is Jesus’s too- but I am really biased. LOL

In the middle of bombings to our northern border, un evacuation drills, history being made and the birth pangs of a new nation that has a destiny to reach the Middle East- I just sit and giggle because I know revival is rising and about to break loose with such ferocity, heaven will not be stopped.

9 thoughts on “my favorite place on earth

  1. Hi Honey… I have read your last two post to mom, and they really touched
    my heart. Keep up the good work and tell the children we are here for them in
    their fight for independance. Love You….Dad

  2. Michele,
    How awesome!!! What a joy it is to be alive at this time when heaven truly is breaking loose! Hallelujah! I rejoice with you in the love of your children and the fruit of your labors. Thank you for the encouragement you are to all of us in the Body. May we all see this kind of fruit in the days ahead!

    In the love of Jesus,

    Bonnie Stearns

  3. Oh Michelle, What joy. What joy. Thank you for sharing the love of those children with us. You are on the best place on earth…..the center of God’s will for you. Continuing to pray for you and the children.

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