resurrected royalty

royalty raised from death to life

Happy new year from Sudan! Breakthrough is hanging in the air like a heavy rain waiting to be unleashed.

This week I have seen the resurrection power of His love miraculously bring a little princess living in the trash heaps from near death to life in a matter of hours.  I think she is my new years word from heaven.

Royalty hidden in the refuse, resurrected and set free!

This photo was taken this morning, the day after Jesus healed her before our very eyes.

She slept in a bed for the first time ever last night.  That is pretty cool too, well except at 1 am, 2 am, and 3 am when she started to cry.  I finally put her in my bed with me and we both got some sleep.  A few hours at least.  And she was worth every sleepless moment!  What an honor.

Yesterday she was lying in the mud dying in front of us, this morning she is a princess discovered, healed and set free and tonight she is tucked in at her new home. Go Jesus!

7 thoughts on “resurrected royalty

  1. She is beautiful and I am crying! God’s love is just too much for words. You are blessed and you are such a blessing! You are in my prayers along with all your little ones and staff.

    1. It sure does and she is definitely that. A miracle inside and out and I believe first fruit of Isaiah’s generational harvest of resurrection and redemption. It is holy payback time. That simple. Walking into places of death and plundering them with life! Come on Holy Spirit. Love you dear one!

  2. A beautiful baby and a beautiful story! Thank you. Jesus cares for His one little one!

    Michele, are you familiar with Wes and Vicky Bentley of Far Reaching Ministries Sudan?

  3. Michele, This is the most beautiful report that we could have to start 2011! I can’t tell you how my heart rejoices in reading about this little one who God snatched back….yes, resurrected by Divine Appointment. He is sooooo amazing! We serve the only one true resurrected Jesus, who says we will do “greater things”. Thank you for being available and obedient! HUGS, LOVE, and PEACE to you and another precious new daughter of the King!

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