a fairly normal week

our newest treasure

Well all things considered it has been a fairly normal week.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Total divine appointments, another treasure rescued from darkness, mountains of admin, lots of hugs and giggles, trying to take a morning off and the operative word is trying – it hasn’t happened yet. 😉

Add in meetings and more meetings, leading new friends to Jesus, hearing amazing stories of perseverance, dreaming of revival, having to make some hard decisions in love, amazing prayer times… more snuggle time with my babies and the never ending mount everest of admin: it is a fairly normal week.

All on the eve of history waiting to dawn. One day left and the nation here will never be the same.  World maps will change. Books will be written.  And we are living in the middle of it.  But in my spirit I continue to hear: referendum is not enough, there MUST be revival.  As one young leader here told us passionately over lunch, it is not enough to be around Christ and know about Him: we must be IN Him and live inside of who He is.

Please, pray with us…