he’s with us

His rotund little body, solid through and through comes careening from around the corner.  He still doesn’t realize he is built like a linebacker and I am an easy tackle.  Here comes God-With-Us plowing into my midsection with all the laws of inertia and Newton cheering him on.

I needed a reminder.  God is with me.  My reminder tackled me, looked up grinning into my face and melted my heart again with his “mama ana hibu ita”  Mama I love you.  God with me saying He loves me.

Hard to believe he is now four and about to start school.  I want him to stop growing just for one year, just temporarily so I can have him little one year longer to hug silly and watch for me in the morning hours. All of my kids are growing faster than bush grass in rainy season.  Little 1st graders are becoming preteens before my eyes.  My babies are starting preschool this year.  HOW did this happen?  When did time speed up without my notice or permission?

As you look at these two darling ones, you are looking at us.  They came as almost newborns in our first months here.  We (Iris in Sudan) are this old this year.  Four going on five.  Doesn’t seem possible. Here God with us and Victorious Joy are preparing to take a nation.   What more do you need for revival?

Careening, inertia-backed reminders of God’s goodness that tackle you, threaten your balance and wrap you up with smiles are always helpful too.