the ways he loves me

“Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy…”  ~ John M. MacMillan

He paints His love for me in sunsets; sends me love notes brimming with metaphors, His lessons in poetry from this unpaved road called Life.  He only asks me to see and receive.

His love songs are heard in a thousand giggled refrains echoing from the miracles of lost hearts found and broken lives made whole.  He only asks me to listen and receive.

He comes in a million ways… in sweet surprises from afar, in sweet communion drawn near, mystery embraced and savored, morning coolness becoming the caress of hot afternoon winds.  He only asks me to be present and receive.

He brings nations to birth in a day and beautiful reminders of His Peace even in the middle of chaos. He loves me a million times over a million ways every day.

Every star in the sky shouts His love.  103 smiles proclaim His deep compassion.  Even my very own cells are held together by His cross within, the universe glued through by the sound of His voice, the journey marked by His extreme grace, His utter faithfulness.

He only asks me to walk with wonder and receive.

And should I ever doubt, He just keeps painting His love in the sky, sending His love songs spun in laughter, whispering His love in the breeze, sweeping me off my feet even unaware of all these mercies of moments made new.

The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love.  1Jn 4:8

We sing love, we speak love, we celebrate love holidays but do we everyday live loved?

Let us learn to see love, receive the ways He loves us every day and live from there.  Then we too become a love gift from Him to the world around us.

Today, no matter what: LIVE LOVED.  Because you are.