hide and seek

Light is coming in at long angles preparing to slip over the horizon.  The dinner bell rings, children eat beans and boiled maize flour and I am too tired to contemplate a walk down the hill and all that entails.  So I am sitting here nursing a packet of instant cream of chicken soup.

I’ve been thinking.  Life on this unpaved road is a lot like a game of hide and seek.  Hide in Him and seek the lost. Hide in Jesus and seek first, above all His Kingdom.  Everything else needed will come.

So often I forget and instead play peekaboo with my problems, like my sweet little one above plays with me.  He cups hands over eyes waiting to see if I disappear.  I don’t.

“Ana aiynu ita…”  (I seeeeeeee youuuuuu) I call out laughing.  He peeks.  I freeze time in pixels.

And I am reminded.  Peekaboo never makes problems disappear. They don’t go away when I ignore them.  They only ever begin to be changed when I hide in His heart of love and seek the things He is looking for.  Or is it me that gets changed?  Maybe a little of both.

Today I spend time with our 20 plus student pastors from all over this new nation and beyond.  I teach a simple lesson, or do I?  Maybe we just tell stories.

One stands up and tells about a women he met yesterday in the hospital. (Thursday is our outreach day.)  She wanted to die and took poison that left her blind, deaf,  mute and unable to talk or walk. He stops with the team and prays for her.  Then they move on to pray for a few more cases.  On his way out of the ward, he runs into the first woman he prayed for: seeing, walking, hearing and she introduces herself as Rose.

Another student eagerly stands up to tells of a young boy who fell out of a tree and lay paralyzed in a nearby ward.  They pray.  He too walks.  I rejoice at the goodness of our Papa Who still heals, Who still calls our impossibilities His opportunities.

Ok class dismissed.  Or maybe I should enroll…

I walk back with a small group of friends.  We walk slow and dream big of new churches to be planted all over unreached areas.  Papa and the angels must smile at our little band of dreamers. How simple it truly is. It hits me as I listen to their hearts how hide and seek leaves no time for playing peekaboo with problems.

Hide in Him and seek the lost.  Hide in His heart and seek first His Kingdom. Hide in His love and seek the things above where He is seated.

Tag, you’re it.

Dear friends, I also just posted a “statement of faith” of sorts this evening.  That sounds so formal.  It is more of a statement of grace.  My heart on a page.  Some thoughts on what frames my world on this unpaved road into His heart.  You are invited to read more of what I believe here.