it’s all grace

Or what is the mind to do
with something that becomes the mind’s ruin:
a God that consumes us
in His grace
…  Catherine of Siena

It’s all GRACE.  It’s ALL grace.  ALL of it.

This one line keeps echoing through my day.  ALL GRACE.  I wake to it.  It waits for me to push sleep from my eyes to see I missed my alarm, again.  It follows me through my rushing to get ready, shields me from the rat that decided to nest in my suitcase overnight (well I did forget to zip it), keeps me through annoyance at careless words spoken (do we even realize the power our words have?  do I?), pursues me through seeming setbacks, brings unexpected victories.  It dances, spins and twirls me through my day.

Through the litany of moments with much to be grateful for.  Grace gifts like:

  • Seeing the rat before I put my hand in its way this morning.  It likes me less than I like it.
  • My friends at the Ethiopian restaurant who remember my favorite dish so I don’t have to.
  • Healings in the middle of the enemy’s camp and OH, the worship that followed.
  • Lifted, changed countenances kissed by His love.
  • The covering of His Presence.  He IS a wall of fire round about and glory within.
  • Sweet hands that interweave with mine.
  • Laughter around shelling peanuts as evening fades to night.
  • Lessons from Abuba in HOW to shell peanuts.
  • Gifts of goodnight hugs from my little guys.
  • Visiting fathers for my older boys and father-son man-fire chats

I am thinking GRACE is a good theme for Mondays.  What about you?  Could you use some Monday Grace?

I am not super planned.  Schedules usually escape me.  But in this season, I am reminded every morning with a whisper from heaven:  IT IS ALL GRACE. It would be wonderful to start the week remembering grace.  So foundational, yet so easily forgotten in the rush to grow up into more complicated things.

Let’s start our week together in this next season sharing grace.  Welcome here.  Grab a coffee and let’s talk about the bumpy realities of an unpaved road into this greater place of living in undeserved favor.

I will leave the comments open on some of these posts. Shall we embrace shared grace and celebrate His goodness together?  Feel free to join the discussion below OR just drop me a private note if you don’t want to comment in the eye-view of all.

Why don’t you tell us this week how God’s grace is consuming you past all possible comprehension?

In Love,  Michele

(this post is part of a larger community sharing these things)

13 thoughts on “it’s all grace

  1. This week, grace is manifest to me in a heart that is being healed and relationships being restored to represent the glory of God and His perfect ways. Grace exemplefied in Jesus willingness to be patient with me and move me gently into his arms and his embrace – restoration.

  2. Oh boy, Michele, did I need to hear these beautiful words today! I spent about half of my Monday in a cold sweat from thinking about what I SHOULD get done and what I was ACTUALLY getting done. When I read your post, it was like water on the soul, putting out the fires of haste and self-urgency. Of course it’s ALL GRACE! And His grace is poured out in my life in thousands of ways.
    And now I’m praying His grace into New Zealand – my heart is breaking for them.

    Thank you for sharing with us your amazing world. I am praying for you and the children. Thank you also for those awesome words from Catherine of Siena!! love you, sister!

  3. “Why don’t you tell us this week how God’s grace is consuming you past all possible comprehension?”

    He gave me Life even after I chose death.

    Wildest Grace.

    Thank you for sharing yours!

  4. I found your blog form Ann’s and it’s truly beautiful. I love the work you’re doing and I said a prayer for you today. And you’re right–it’s all grace. This life, each breath…God is so good.

    Many blessings to you,

  5. I LOVE your blog and your list. Praise to God for Grace! What a beautiful picture of grace – His work on the cross, His love for the hurting and wounded, and just mankind. Stopped by from Ann’s community. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more. Will be praying for you, your work, and those you serve. Blessings!

  6. I’m here from Ann’s today.

    And amen – it started with this, “Or what is the mind to do with something that becomes the mind’s ruin: a God that consumes us in His grace” That was a beautiful quote – thank you. And yes, how it pursues, dances, spins and twirls us through the day – if we let it.

    And of your list this is my favorite Lessons from Abuba in HOW to shell peanuts. (how you are getting lessons so many of us will never know – God Bless you for what you do)

    Reading this list of yours today? A blessing. Thank you.

    God watch over you and yours

  7. i just went thru a time listening to a teaching of a preacher name Joseph Prince , i was getting set free of the law with his Grace. Many tears ,,,,,,,, great joy ,,,And Great Grace were upon them, knowing Jesus

  8. I have been asking the Lord to show Himself off thru me; especially to my children and friends. My girlfriend lost her hearing aid in her graveled backyard. My daughter and I went to her house yesterday and noticed her tangerine tree was loaded with over ripened fruit so we went out to gleam for her. That is when she told me about losing her expensive hearing aide and the small thing was the size of the rocks in her backyard. She had been out looking for several days and could not find it. So, I said, let’s pray, and immediately after we prayed my 16 year old daughter looked on the ground and said “Momma! I found it!” We praised God and my friend added “You know, I was just telling God we had to find it because it was going to rain and if it got wet it would be ruined! It rained today! God is FULL of grace. Just ask for it.

  9. thankyou for the notes, the Beautiful Way that He Made for us All to Be in This World…thankyou that it Is This World that He Gave You such Grace as He Has in You and That We REceive From You By and With Grace United As One With Christ Jesus The Holy Spirit and Almighty God…Such a Beautiful Way He Has Made For Us All to Be in This World….i thank you for you…..

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