aaronic blessings

Aarona amazes me.  There he is with a good friend of ours who was visiting last December.

Straight up real: I have been especially tired of late.  Maybe it is the environment, the dietary lack that does catch up with me after about 3 months of being in country.  It is this bone tired that doesn’t go away with sleep.  I’m pretty sure it is the diet, which is particularly meager in dry season.  I dream of salads.  Literally.  Maybe my body it trying to tell me something.  Anyway tired can come in seasons here.

And then there is little (or not so little any more) Aarona.  Our one person greeting committee, our little Holy Spirit magnet.  He gravitates to anyone who carries God’s Presence in a tangible way.  No question why he and our friend Chris were fast friends.  When Rolland was here last year (our international director/founder for Iris for those who don’t know him), Aarona was stuck to him like glue.  And I am seeing the fruit of impartation.  😉

The singing drifts in my window and pulls me from my seat.  Maybe it is the hunger in my spirit that pulls me onward.  I am very very hungry for more of God right about now.  Even more than a good salad.

Evening coolness caresses my face breathe deep of its goodness, as I walk down the hill towards the singing bunch of children belting their hearts out in 5 different keys all at once.  HOW I love it here, nutritional challenges aside.  I smile.  I know it is these very keys that will unlock more of heaven to be unleashed in this place.

I sit on the end of a wobbly bench, put my arm around Andreson, and add my sixth key to the melee.  A million promises stud the night sky, our own cathedral ceiling with Orion hunting over head.

In the middle of the joyful worship, up comes Aarona.  He slaps hand on my head and starts praying:

“Katirta Rabuna.  Keli ita silu kulu tabaniin bara.  Be isiim Jesua Messia.  Be isiim Jesua Messia.  Be isiim Jesua Messia.”

More Lord.  Take all the tiredness away in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, in the NAME of Jesus.

The presence of Jesus is electricity buzzing in his little hand and I am one happy mama.  How did Aarona know how tired I feel?  I feel less tired when he is done praying.  That is for sure.

How powerful the name, the grace of Jesus.  How powerful His love delivered in Aaronic blessings from my sweet soon to be 2nd grader.

I walk back to my house under Orion’s focused aim grateful, refreshed and I look into the gaze of the One Who is Love.  And all I can say is “Thank You.”