what frames my world

The air hangs swollen, pregnant with rains ready to be delivered.  It sits heavy sharing its burden in the waiting between the now and the not yet.  The dry is bowing out with fits and bluster begrudgingly making way for the wet to come.

I watch winds blow the first real cloud cover we have seen in months onto our evening horizon.  I smile.  How so much in my world speaks to me of Him.

This evening I write a story in pixels to send to “Grandmother” and “Grandfather” in America. (I bet my parents never guessed they’d have QUITE so many grand babies!)  I must say I am raising camera happy children.  They are anything but shy of my lens.

We sit in the fading light huddled together with bursts of giggles taking silly shots, laughing at the results.  I manage to sneak in a few “keepers” too.

All at once my crutches go walking away without me, held hostage by my almost four year olds.  “Eh” I call out, “ITA- ita silu de, ita be arfa wa gobadu ana.”

Everyone dissolves into laughter.   I am telling them if they take my crutches, they will have to carry me.   I think they strongly consider my comments a challenge.  But I can only hop so far on one leg.

I watch them joyfully turn the crutches I lean on into picture frames for my lens.  I snap away arresting time, freezing moments in place.  I don’t want the light to leave.  I hold it captive with my shutter over and over.

Tonight I ponder.  Could the very thing the enemy means to disable and destroy become that which frames the greatest release of God’s glory in our lives?

Many of you know my story.  Born too early with multiple birth defects, 23 surgeries by age 13, standing on one leg, 2 crutches and an eternity of grace.

I have watched God turn the things meant to take me out into that which He has used to bring me in. Again and again and again.  Into slums in India, leper colonies that refused any other witness.  Into hostile trash dumps in Africa and onto national stages in Central Asia.  Most of all, deeper and deeper into His heart.  I bet the enemy is regretting his efforts because every single one of them has backfired.

Do I think it is God’s perfect plan for me to have one leg?  Absolutely, categorically not.  (I will post more on that another day.  I can hear questions rattling for some of you.)  Do I know God is a good Papa who works ALL things together for my good?  I stake my very life on it.

The limitations, challenges and obstacles that could disable me, when they are submitted to Jesus become the very things that frame the greatest displays of His goodness in my life.

Let’s just say He delights in picking unlikely candidates!  Impossibilities are His greatest invitations. Miracles can’t exist without them.

So let me ask you my friends: what crutches are you holding onto that God is waiting to turn into picture frames for His beauty to be revealed in your life? All He needs is your YES.  He really will do the rest.

I want to give thanks for my beautiful Mom.  We all are sending her many hugs and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY all the way from Yei, SUDAN!  Love you Mom!