leaning into mystery

I watch the evening shadows stretch long as day disrobes of her light.  Soon my 104 children will be pounding out ear-jarring rhythms, dust clouds mingling with prayers, both rising.  Incense from a war torn patch of earth.  But this night, I am not with them.

This night, I am getting the mail, checking our family bank account and running errands.  A trip to the post office means a trip to a neighboring country for me.  We still don’t have a postal system where I live or even electricity for that matter.  Motherhood in South Sudan.  I am amazed at what has become my normal.

The shadows lengthen.  I still can’t believe the news that met my arrival here.  Some weeks, I don’t understand life at all…  read the entire post over at incourage where I am writing as a guest writer today.

I am so blessed to share with a new group of friends!  Come join us there.