a life in focus

He takes my camera in hand, places view finder to eye, depresses shutter half way sending lens whizzing into place and snaps.  A moment forever captured in pixels.

“It works perfectly,” he says.

“Oh you are supposed to look through the view finder not the screen on the back, really?  Oh, that is what those dots are for?  You mean I don’t have to hit and miss with manual focus- it will do it automatically?!?!?! “

He smiles and tells me to try it.  Offers a few basics.  Lens whirs effortlessly into place in my hand and captures light’s imprint.

He explains that what I am holding is not a point and click camera, but a single lens something-I-can’t-remember camera.  {I am terrible at details and trivia, sorry Papa Rolland}  I listen intently as he explains about mirrors and lenses and refraction and settings and all I can think of is the analogy this moment contains and how much I appreciate the lesson.

“WOW, it is so much simpler than I was making it!”

He smiles shaking his head, ducking inside to tackle his Mt Everest sized inbox as I run off with camera in hand to practice my new trick, letting the camera work for me.  Works pretty well.  My little Light (Noora) above left quite a focused impression.

This morning I take him to the airstrip and he laughs saying God brought him to help me get my life into focus.

I laugh too, but only because it’s true.

The Kingdom is supposed to be effortless.  Life lived in auto focus. The price paid at the cross, the work already done. But when I don’t  know what the auto focus setting is or how it simple and effortless it can be, I wrestle with my lens and work hard in manual focus with not nearly the results.  Isn’t life so much like that at times?

Jesus, let me live in the grace of clarity without stress or strain or working hard to achieve what YOU already paid for.  Let me live a life of effortless joyful focus in You.


These last four days have been an amazing gift from heaven.

Rolland Baker, international director and co-founder of Iris Ministries and a spiritual papa to me, came for a visit, taught in our bible school and all around brought buckets of joy and love to our family here.  It is such a blessing to be part of a beautiful family like Iris.  We would not be seeing the fruit we are here, if not for the spiritual momentum he and Heidi have laid their lives down for decades to see. I am extremely honored and humbled by that.

Among many other things, Papa Rolland is probably the most gifted photographer I know.  To see his pictures is to be in the moment they capture.  He freezes time in frame.

Thank you Papa Rolland for the lesson on my lens and my life!