some bumps in the road

Police trainees in heartfelt worship on Sunday!

Well sweet friends, one of the first things you learn about unpaved roads is that they are often a bit bumpy!

I have been away from writing here for a few days, swamped with a to do list almost as tall as I am.  {No wise cracks from peanut gallery!}  Also I’ve been battling malaria bout #15.  Half way through with treatment and on the mend, but a bit tired to be fair.  It may be a few more days before I am back full speed here.

But take a look at THIS awesome testimony from our police trainee outreach over the weekend over at our new Iris Sudan website!  You might want to follow it too as we will be filling it full of the stories of His goodness here and testimonies of grace.  Some days I will write there.  When I do, I will let you know here as well.

You are loved,