finding simplicity

Simplicity: no flash, no pretense, just dust-covered everyday bumpy faith.  I’m learning.

My life has a natural direction towards complication. I dream.  BIG.  That is how Papa formed my being in the hidden places.  A dreamer.  A visionary. One who looks at impossibilities as opportunities not stopping places. But all that dreaming has been stuffed into a western let’s get-er-don’ context where idea equals “project”.  More to do.  Less time to do it.  Where busy is a badge of success or at least of some semblance of importance.

Perhaps it is busyness, too many projects, scattered attention that truly steals time and competes with my presence in the present. Jesus never was hurried or rushed.  He just wandered from one holy appointment to the next and three years later had raised up a company that turned the world upside down.  Jesus seemed to CREATE space and multiply time by living in touch with heaven’s realm outside of it and being fully present to His present moment.

I want to be like that when I grow up.

Papa is calling this His little girl to explore a contrary path called focus.  Focus on His face in a world screaming for my gaze.  Seeing what He is doing and only doing that.   Let heaven’s kiss of simplicity invade my scurried to-do listed reality and filter the few things needful.

It all started with this blog.  Do this one thing well.  Dare take the 100 rather confused rivulets and make one river.  Then came inspiration about how to finally make our Iris Sudan website friendly not just our readers, but also to this writer.  I have learned I am not that kind of techie nor do I want to be.  Though I am very grateful for them and grateful for tools for us non techies to create with!

I am amazed.  Having less plates to spin, less balls to juggle and all other such analogies with them has led to much less effort expended and much MORE fruit.  I am happier, freer and am watching Papa open incredible doors left, right and in between.  And in the between places, I get to sit on porches and watch my little guys learn to walk.  I get to spin in rain storms and ENJOY the moments that make up my life.

I don’t have to be all put together and polished.  My life, raw and real, it is enough.  The polish can be kept for grandma’s silver we pull out at holiday time with family in Florida.  It really isn’t needed otherwise.  Just my heart splatted on a page, laid bare an offering to Him and to those who care to stop by and read of this journey.

I am so grateful for all of that.  For the grace to find simplicity, engage focus and have time to enjoy this wild ride I am on with Jesus.

So dear reader, what is dividing your gaze right now that Papa might want to simplify? He only desires to increase your capacity to ENJOY this wonder-washed life with Him.  What a beautiful journey we are on together!

Much love to you from this unpaved road in Sudan-Michele