a torch that shines

My cell phone rings loud the refrain from “How Great is our God.”  The voice on the other ends brings news of a fifteen year old girl just found having escaped from her captivity by the LRA in the brutal jungles of Congo.  Could she please come and stay with us while they search for her family?

Of course she can.  It is an honor when God brings us these treasures, often so broken and shattered.  And to watch Him heal them inside and out!  Nothing could be more beautiful.

A shiny white land cruiser glints in the late afternoon sun as it arrives on our compound.  I shake hands and make greetings, per our custom here.

Slowly with much help a frail young girl emerges.  She is so weak she cannot walk or stand without assistance.  Eyes downcast and doe-like in fear, face haggard.  Her hands unusable and in great pain from being tied to trees in the remote jungle camps. Her arms lacerated from the ligatures.  Still in a daze from her ordeal, wondering if it is really over.

I see this beautiful young life and righteous indignation at the enemy boils in my spirit.  How DARE he touch this one and the thousands like her.  We smile and gently assist her to her bed.  Instantly she is enveloped by children ready to love and pray until heaven comes down and answers.  I sit with her and marvel as one of my other daughters takes the helm.

She knows this one’s story all too well.  It is one she shared.  She came home to us over a year ago with a similar history and now is all made new.  She takes the gift God has given her and brings healing to her sisters whom God brings her.  I watch her love and share grace, gently feed and care for this dear one and tears well up, run over and wash down my cheeks.  The reality of restoration unfolds before me.  I could not be a prouder mama.

Our newest daughter, her name means torch, bright shining light.  And OH how she is that!   With prayer from all over the world rising on her behalf, her hands immediately show signs of improving.  They still have a ways to go, but we are celebrating every gain.  Not a week later she is shelling peanuts with our mamas.  That for the uninitiated is a hard task for my perfectly normal hands, thank you!

I watch each day as God’s love infuses deep and washes another layer of pain from her heart.  I watch as my babies and toddlers make her smile… and laugh.  Not a week later, she laughs.  That is the most incredible sound on earth.  A broken heart learning to laugh again.

She adores my baby Peace, smiles whenever she gets to hold her close.  Peace is bringing the miracle of her name with her even before she can walk.  Not the absence of angst but true peace, the shalom peace of nothing broken, nothing missing, all restored.

Watching Peace snuggle in tight, nestle head to heart, seeing a smile spill forth bright shining light from this dear daughter of His and mine washes me in wonder.  Less than a week since she came.  What God’s love can do!

I have seen blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, lame legs walk.  I thank Him for every healing every way it comes. Every moment, every miracle, every gift– thank You Jesus!  But some how this miracle, this transformation of a heart and body crushed being made whole stops me, reaches deep inside and brings early rains of gratitude to my eyes.

Maybe because I get to watch it unfold right in front of me like petals just daring to let loose their tension in the waiting for the rains.  Maybe because I have had my own shattered pieces that He has mended and so I know just a little bit the wonder of it all.

He heals (mends by stitching, thoroughly repairs and makes whole) the brokenhearted (those who have had their hearts burst, shatter and be crushed into pieces by violence) and binds up their wounds (pain and sorrows). Psm 147:3  NASB with some expansion on the Hebrew words.  I do like words and the whole picture they present, that nothing be left out in translation.

What grace to be part of this story as it is being written!  Those of you praying for our newest shining light, thank you.  Please keep your prayers coming.  He is moving heaven and earth in response.

With love in Jesus,