revival rising

I am pursuing normal.  God’s normal.

His messy wondrous normality that is unpredictable, untamable, often dangerous, outrageously joyful, scandalous in its grace, limitless in its love and altogether OTHER to what nice and safe would mean to me.

And I want more.  Always more.  Always more of Him. Always.  Take a look at what a “normal” Bible school class looks like around here.   Hilarity that releases holiness, intimacy with Jesus that brings fruitfulness, childlike simplicity that sees heaven come down and empty hospital wards, upside down humility that loves the one while standing believing for the multitudes.

Last night a major ministry in the US released a prophetic word about revival coming to my adopted home nation.  Hours after it was sent to me by someone I don’t even know, I am still a laughing, teary-eyed wreck.  It spoke verbatim the things I have held onto as God’s promises to us for the last 5 years.

Revival is to get us back to normal.  GOD’s idea of normal where audacious faith and unstoppable love release unparalleled power and miracles.  Not because we are trying really hard to be supernatural.  But because we are just doing what we see our Papa in heaven doing as His dearly loved children, effortlessly playing in His harvest fields with Him.

Please pray with us that the fullness of our Jesus will be made known in our land!  Revival is rising all around us.  I am humbled and deeply honored to call this my home for such a time as this.