burning ones

Sometimes God whispers.  Other days He shouts.

Last week I was beyond encouraged by a friend sending me a clip from a promise received for my adopted home in South Sudan.  As I press into that promise, some crazy God things seem to be afoot.

The last lines of it read:

God says “Sudan, I hear your prayers. Even those who have been persecuted and killed. I am going to come there and light a fire in the South of Sudan that will cause many to come into the kingdom and great news shall come from Africa. Great news shall come. They shall say, “there’s a fire burning! there’s a fire burning!”

As I shared about the entire promise to our Revival School students, a wall of fire as high as the distant mangoes erupted as I was speaking.  Later in the day I read the word again sharing it with one of our missionaries here.  Within minutes roughly 1/5th of our compound catches fire and a wall of fire rushes right to the path of the church and stops before burning down any structures.  Then another fire breaks out on the other side of the compound afterwards.

Two days later we leave to go on outreach to an area very closed to the gospel.  Closed not because they are unreached per usual missions criteria.  Closed because they have been inoculated by decades of traditional religious Christianity that has a form but denies the power of even simple truths like needing a personal relationship with Jesus.  Those areas are way more difficult than the completely unreached.

When we arrive, I see a little girl limping through the compound.  I preach on healing with the few mamas and grandmamas gathered.  Her mom brings her to me in the dark of the night after dinner.  I had just finished sharing the same promise with this group of church leaders praying maybe it would wake them up to God’s dreams that are so much bigger than ours.  As I began to pray for this precious little one, a wall of fire explodes behind me with raging vehemence.   That is four for four.  This time a friend had a camera handy!

The little girl’s eyesight and leg were completely healed.  Off she went stamping away on a leg once lame and seeing through an eye that could not focus before. Papa, all the glory goes to You!

You are God and even still You answer by fire. There are some seeds that only germinate and multiply in the heat of the flame.  We cry out for the release of the burning ones, who are burning with the fire of Your love.

Please pray with us for genuine revival to sweep through this nation and set it ablaze.