holy intoxication

Song 2:4 He brought me into the cellar of wine… (Douay)  He hath brought me to the house of wine, And his banner over me is love.  (Darby)

Song 1:2 Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— For your love is better than wine.

There is a place of holy intoxication, a deep place of intimacy in the heart of God where His love comes and surrounds the very core of my being like a warm heavy blanket.  A place where words are superfluous, where it is enough to just be and be in Him and be with Him and be His.

Of all the ways I encounter Him, this holy wine of His love, this sober inebriation of His weighty Presence is one of my favorites, drinking in the living water that He gives until it bubbles up a spring inside of me…  Until I have enough to give away.

I want to live in wine cellar with Him, the house of His wine.

It is the close of the final session of a conference with friends in England.  We have a ministry prayer time and the speaker comes over to pray for me.  He literally says two words and I am unceremoniously on my face because of the intensity of God’s Presence that accompanies them.  It was like when an unexpected wave hit me as a little girl playing in the ocean and I found myself tumbling in a force so much stronger and bigger than my control.

“Governmental authority….”

Little did he know, I had been asking Papa to teach more about what true governmental authority looked like in the spirit.  What did it mean to be a royal priesthood?

Jesus’ Presence comes so strongly, so sweetly, so intensely I loose all sense of anything but Him.  I can barely get two thoughts of my own to connect to even ask, “What in the WORLD is this and WHAT does it have to do with authority?”

His reply to my barely formed question:  “Governmental authority is found in wine realm of heaven.”  Which is foolishness at first to my natural mind and leads me to a big fat, “huh, God?”

The meeting ends, the people go home and I am still stuck (gloriously, willingly stuck I might add) in this place of His Presence for hours and hours into the next day.  There seems to be no beginning or end, just now, just Him, just His nearness which overtakes everything else.

OH how I love His nearness more than anything!

I begin to ask Him to teach me more about this connection between governmental authority and house of wine.

First, He takes me to Revelation where it talks about the wine of Babylon which intoxicates the nations with wine of her immorality.  Babylon, the type a false governmental world system.  False wine intoxicates with a false governmental authority.  So if there is false, there must be a true.

Then over I go to Song of Songs where HIS love is better than wine.  He takes us to the house of wine, the place of deep and joyful intimacy and unleashes His banner over us, Love.  Banners were visible displays, emblems and announcements of governmental identity and authority on the battlefield back in the day.  And His banner over us is LOVE!  What grace is this. Wow God.

The wine house, the wine cellar, the place of holy intimacy with Him is the place of TRUE governmental authority, Love unfurled and unleashed.  The King tells His heart to His friends!

Ahhhh I am getting it Holy Spirit!  Let me be one of those.

Less thinking with my own understanding and more drinking in Yours.  You bring me to the house of wine and YOUR banner over me is LOVE, love, love!!!