I left the continent of Africa the end of March and have barely been online since.  It is the irony of my life: when I have fast internet connections I barely have time to use them!  The pace of life in the West is an altogether different rhythm of grace to learn to dance to and one that I am not sure I have mastered any longer.

I stopped over in Wales for almost 10 days to spend time with my dear friends and adopted family there.  I feel like the richest woman in the world with all the precious relationships Papa has graced my journey with.

I got to eat salad and spend long periods talking with family there sharing God-stories.  The more we shared our journeys, the more the hunger inside my heart grew for more of the One Who is my very life. Hunger is a gift.  I will write about that more.

On I went on unexpected side trip through Bath (thank you Mr GPS!) on my way to Southampton and one of the most amazing conferences I have ever been apart of.  Papa simple opened the heavens over our little group and His love was utterly intoxicating.  We hit the streets and loved on all we found sharing with them the heart of a God who loves them with an everlasting love.  It was one of those times there just doesn’t seem to be words for.  The deep places that defy my attempts to describe them.

It has been a quiet season of pressing into His heart and hiding there.  Often my most favorite encounters with Jesus are inexplicable.  They are simply just being snuggled into His presence in a place where words even whispered are too loud.  That is where I have been hanging out of late.

Jesus ever reminding me that the journeys that matter most always start deep inside of us.

May He take you deeper into yours in this season!