amazed by grace

Beloved blogging family,

It has been a whirlwind spinning so fast that catching up with myself has not happened the last month since departing my home in Africa to come and share this journey with more new friends here in the West.

I have not disappeared (really!).  I have just not mastered the rhythm of writing regularly when on the road ministering back in the US.  Prayers are welcome for that!  I am learning.  I look forward to sharing the adventures from the last few weeks and the lessons in them, once I find a quiet space to chase down my thoughts and weave them into pictures of this journey.

If you ever don’t see me here for a season it usually just means I am traveling (but I do still update facebook and tweet the steps on twitter.)

I am currently in Redondo Beach CA on my way to inland to Bakersfield for a few days to share with new friends there about what Jesus is doing in our part of the world in Sudan and hear about what He is doing in theirs.  I am so so so blessed with all the wonderful people I am getting to meet this trip.

I thank Him for the amazing grace of shared journeys and the joy of sharing mine with you!

Much love from this unpaved road into His heart,


PS- I was incredibly excited to find this morning I was selected for one of the (in)courage sponsorships to attend Relevant, an amazing writing conference in October this year.  Thank you Jesus for such an opportunity!