playing dressup

Sitting in a little cafe, sipping my new favorite coffee drink (double espresso with nonfat steamed milk) in the heart of NYC’s diplomatic district, I feel a bit like a little girl playing dress up.  Wearing my suit and heels, carrying my attache case: it feels as though I am getting live in someone else’s world for 48 hours.  Like I have engaged this amazing game of pretend in all the best ways. But yet it isn’t pretend.  It is very real.

Have you ever noticed on the path to your destiny sometimes the realest moments feel the most surreal?

One thing I know about my girls.  They love to play dress up and imagine all sorts of roles.  Somehow in the imagining they become, they discover themselves in the journey. Why is it as adults we stop the imagining?  Surely we’d find more of who we are created to be, if we never stopped journeying into the dreams God has placed deep inside of us.

I watch this suit-clad, umbrella-covered world outside scurry on their way to appointments and corporate meetings.  I sit warm, mostly dry, watching them through a pane of glass and wonder.

Are they happy?  Do they feel fulfilled?  Do they even know there is a whole other realm they cannot see moving all around them?  Do they understand the roles they are playing in the unseen?  Do they know how much they are loved?

The waiter comes and interrupts my reverie.  Looking at my watch I see it is time to leave the warm confines of my thoughts and embark on finding the location of my next meeting.  While it is lovely to visit another’s world, I have found it only makes me more grateful for my own.

However, I full well intention to never outgrow playing dress up.