my crazy life

I have discovered something: I lead a crazy life.  I get to sit in the dirt with the most beautiful children in the world one day and the next, meet with the diplomatic community in NYC at the UN.  Yes, that’s right.  THE UN.  Where The Interpreter was filmed.  Where CNN reports.  Where tourists stream to see the outer courts of this international monolith.

On my previous stop, I found this amazing blue top and fun black trench that actually made me look the part (at a bargain price I might add).  See there I am with my dear friend Kayon, looking very, hmmm official.   Armed with I-Pad, a new pink circumscribed Mac Air, Blackberry smartphone and a bag that weighed almost as much as I did: I looked every bit like I blended into urban rush of the diplomatic plazas of NYC.

All things to all people, I brushed off my development rhetoric and contextualized the Message I prayed to bring, to become.  Even while my spirit reached deep into the heart of God to carry His Presence into the back halls and offices where I would be meeting people.

Basically I was on a mission of salt.  Salt, not that added flavor or that preserved, but salt that created a thirst for Something More than that which was seen.  I want to make the world thirsty for God.

I just spent the better part of two days meeting with diplomatic types and committees on issues regarding to South Sudan.  It was such an honor to chat with them and carry life and light into discussions that so frequently focus on loss and devastation.  YES, there IS hope and a future!

So much of my crazy life is about living in two realms at once: heaven and earth, dirt and diplomacy, rich and poor, developed and bush.  I was created for and thrive amidst the contradictions of my world.

For those of you who prayed for my time there, thank you.  There were many, many answers and only eternity can tell how many!  I learned so much, met beautiful people genuinely trying to make a difference and got to share what I believe God’s heart is for the destiny of our new nation, as well as some ways forward through the pressing issues.

NYC and plazas of towering diplomacy: I believe this is not the last I will see of you!  Until we meet again…