supernatural dna

I went to the movies tonight.  X-Men:First Class to be precise.  And yes I loved it.  There is something about all those super-heroic, earth-transforming, villain-nabbing supernatural abilities that calls to the very DNA of what I am created for.

Suffice it to say that it got me thinking.

We hear a lot about Jesus healing the sick, bringing salvation and deliverance.  We are in some ways just now really getting a grid for that kind of supernatural.  And here I go as one of my friends puts it, blurring the boundaries, again. Uh-oh.  Beloved, He did SO much more.

We casually skip over the parts of Jesus walking through walls (Jn 20:19 how else did He get in the room with the door shut?), glowing (Lk 11), turning invisible (Lk 4:30, again how else did He just walk right through an angry mob bent on killing Him?), hearing peoples thoughts (Lk 5:22, 6:8, 11:17), changing weather patterns (Mt 8:26, Mk 4:39, Lk 8:24), miracles of altering one substance into another (Jn 2), walking on water (Jn 6:19), translocating (Lk 24:31, Lk 24:35, Jn 6:21), flying (or ascending if you prefer, Lk 24:51) to just name a few!

Wow, a list like that makes Him sound like the ultimate X-Man.  Evil villains beware.  Oh wait- He already took away your powers on the cross.  Be very afraid.  I have read the last chapter of the Book.  We win.

This I know, He is the same today as He was yesterday as He will be tomorrow.  He has one Body on the earth right now and we are it.  Even He promised us we would do greater things than these.  But how to we get to greater, if we aren’t even walking in these as our normality?

The lesser read pages of church history are filled with radical lovers of Jesus walking in similar phenomena as their normal.  No one batted an eye when St Francis floated to the treeline in worship.  These things so often relegated to the occult only belong to darkness because we have given them over to it.  For every counterfeit, there is a true.  It is time we step deeper into our inheritance in Jesus than ever before.  Not out of some crazy lust for power, but out of an overflow of being so in love with Him we become possessed with His fullness.

I really believe Papa wants to pour this level of glory out on the earth and MORE, the greater things than these.  I know it is coming and I am diving lower and closer to His burning heart to embrace an Enoch walk, however He chooses His glory to be revealed though this daughter of His.

Anybody ever dream of having superpowers?  Yes, you reading this with wide eyes and a dirty kitchen floor.   Perhaps you have dreamed of them because in Jesus, it is what you too  are created for.