wings to fly

It has been nothing less than a whirlwind.  A schedule spinning and swirling in holy chaos that left little time to sleep, let alone to recollect and reflect.  Four days of sitting with Him has just now allowed me to find my own thoughts again.

I hope to be backdating some musings and thoughts that have emerged from the swirl now that the dust has settled and found me back in Africa.  I look at the four walls and wonder, did I really leave?  But I have photos that prove I did.  It has all been such a blur.  A lovely abstract blur that challenges me to capture the lessons from roads slightly more paved.  And there have been many.

Have you ever noticed paved roads are a LOT faster?  It is so much easier to catch life’s treasures strolling on paths unpaved.  No rush.  Just hand in hand with those you love watching rain drops make mud puddle looking glasses and butterflies dance on the wind.  I think this once city-girl has almost gone a bit country.  (Especially with fast internet, a coffee shop and shopping not too far away.)

Somehow for me true wings to fly are not best found on airplanes, but deep inside in the hidden place of stillness.  When all of life is lived externally, schedules and expectations so often become a cage that demands this eagle put on yellow and sing canary songs.

I am learning to fly, to really fly– there is a place of solitude and silence deep within that must be cherished, nurtured and guarded.  Honestly, I did not do that so well this trip.  Again.  Grateful for grace in all my learning curves!  But one step at a time, I am getting there.

And I am thrilled to be back to roads unpaved.  I have missed the ride.  Looking forward to sharing more of this journey with you, all its bumps and surprises included.

Much love in Jesus– Michele