I step off the small bush plane onto a muddy air strip and breathe in the cool rainy season air.  One of my dear friends and our base manager, Carolyn (she has an amazing blog too) meets me in our silver rav 4 named redemption.  It has earned its name.

We go trundling through town catching up on nearly two months of news, running errands along the way because we don’t want to waste a drop of our $14/gallon petrol.  Errands done we take the turn on the dirt path towards home.

Shiny little faces all along the way all wave in welcome.  Three of my daughters are stationed as lookouts for our arrival and pile in for hugs and a lift.

We turn in the gate and everything changes.  I am home.  Instantly engulfed in a sea of dancing singing laughing children.  It is a tidal wave of joy.  I am PELTED with hugs, buried by kids, sung over, spun around off my feet, prayed in and embraced like I never am any where else in the world.

I cannot imaging any better homecoming this side of eternity. Running water, power and infrastructure do not a home make.

Nothing compares to being home with my kids. When I am with them, I  know we are going to be JUST fine no matter what because well, they are SO irresistible to Jesus.

And we have many new faces!

One of my newest treasures, Mary might be a bit developmentally challenged in some arenas, but her spirit is one of the purest I have ever seen.  I look at her astounded with her beauty.  She comes up to me buries her head in my chest, wraps her arms around me tight looking up with these beaming eyes of love.  Jesus.  I see You.  IN her.  I have rarely seen such pure love in a person.  She literally looks IN to me her face all wonder washed.   In April, she was scavenging like an animal and dying in the trash heaps of Juba, being horrifically abused and then tossed the equivalent of 30 cents as a concession.  Now she is loved, cherished and she too has come home.  I am back to my favorite place on earth.

So many things to share with you.  So honored that you would think to journey this unpaved road with us.  Thank you for gracing us with your presence here.

May you too find your places of homecoming that sweep you off your feet in His astounding love.