dad, i love you!

I know this is a bit early.  But with sporadic internet and a crammed schedule this week, I want to make SURE this gets posted.

I want to tell you about my Dad.

He is the guy that when I am three-ish and just learning to walk (the one leg thing slowed that milestone down just a bit) who clears the living room and builds bars for me to hold on to.  He makes sure my first steps are safe ones.

He is the one that when I am five and six and seven lifts me high so I can put the last rose in the cross on Easter Sunday.  Even little, I am tall in his arms.

He’s the one taking me fishing the day the only thing my line snagged was some rope.  “A rope fish,” he and mom laugh.  But fish weren’t really the point and we all knew it.  She’s in this picture too- behind the camera.

If we are 1o minutes early, we are late when he is around.  He makes sure we get all places with time to spare.  Those of you who know me know this truly IS a miracle.

Through my growing years, I watch him build multiple business and work his way through his higher education.  Dad is one of the most tenacious people I know.  Some might even say a little of that rubbed off.

Then there came the times his little girl was threatened or felt unsafe.  I sure would not have liked to been on the other end when Papa Lion came out roaring!  Whatever he said worked.  Threats all averted.

I remember the days my friends were nervous because this gruff voice answered the phone at my house, “Perry’s Meat Market”  But he is not nearly as gruff as he sounds- don’t let him fool you.  He has a heart of gold.

I have seen him quietly help the ones around him in need while championing their dignity.  I have watching him care and love and grow and become more and more like the Jesus he follows.

Dad is the one who volunteered to be my us office manager a few weeks ago.  Let’s just say I did not inherit his accounting affinity.  (Uchum I might just take you up on that offer yet sir 😉  )

He has kept me sheltered when I needed to be and when I was ready for the open skies, he knew when to step back cheering and watch me learn to fly.  Even in a warzone.

His fatherly advice, “Don’t get shot, honey.”  Thanks Dad, will do my best to avoid that one and I will always remember, “Life is not a bowl of cherries.”  (Perhaps we can make it into fruit salad though?!?!)  But don’t let that parting comment fool you either.  I know both he and my mom pay a high price to trust their little girl to the plans of Jesus that have taken her so many less than “safe” places.

And now they have more grand kids than probably the whole block combined.

For all of this and so much more: thank you.  And I want you to know just because you are you Dad, I love you!

I wouldn’t be where I am if it were not for you and mom.  Everyday I thank Jesus for both of you and now the whole world knows how amazing both of you are too.  All I can say is, it is about time.

Happy {early} Father’s Day!  I love you both more than words can say!