Today I want to bring you a guest post from my dear friend and our base manager in Yei, Carolyn Figlioli.

She brings a down to earth perspective weaving details from our everyday life and life lessons from Scripture to share with you the lessons she is learning following Him.

I had the joy of helping her to set up and design her new website/blog today.  We still have few details to iron out when we find better internet but most of it is online.  I hope you take some time to visit and find her as amazing as I do!

It is an honor to work with her and even more an honor to call her friend.

Here is an excerpt from one of her latest updates:


Saturday evening, we took our big tipper truck and went to the biggest produce market in Yei and we brought our worship team, 30 children on fire for the Lord. They stood in the filth of that place, trash all around, with drunks coming near and dancing a little too close at times.There was no fear in them.I preached a message of salvation from the bed of the tipper truck and then I told of a dream that the Lord gave me the night before.I dreamt that I was standing next to a ditch that was being dug in the streets of Yei. In real life, there really are ditches being dug in Yei to make way for a water system finally. Anyway, in my dream, some of our older boys saw a snake in the grass and they began to beat it out.The snake slithered into the ditch filled with water. The snake was about 10 feet long and about 6 inches in diameter and was solid black.It began to swim toward the other end where men were working and the ditch was filled with water. I yelled at the men to get out because the snake was going to kill them.

I then told the crowd that the snake is the devil and he is going to kill them if they don’t choose life.The dream was sent to me as a warning to the people of Yei.You could literally see the faces of the people change.They believe in dreams and there is even said that Yei has water spirits. When the call for salvation came, ninety five percent of the hands shot up. Then we sent our young children into this crowd of about a hundred people, two by two, to lay hands on people and pray for healing. Everyone we prayed for was healed, glory to God! I t was so awesome.I was the only adult praying. The rest were our children.This is the joy set before us, to see people set free and darkness to flee. Perfect love casts out all fear. These children know the perfect love of the Father. They are not orphans.

Read the full update here on her {almost} weekly blog.  And be sure to bookmark it for future visits!