embracing paths unknown

Some days you know you are standing at a trail head of something new, something altogether other.  Not just an unpaved road, but the call to embrace an unknown path.  Read an amazing reflection of what it means to journey the unknown way over at my good friend’s ministry site from Wales (there I am above on a Welsh path).  Justin is a treasure and the real deal.  Truly.  I look long at my week ahead, I steal a glance at my week behind and I sigh.  My life is going to be changed forever between now and the next time you hear from me here.

I am looking at a week of firsts.  The first time to fly from the Juba airport.  The first time traveling north of Mundariland.  The first time to see 100,000 people who have lost everything.  The first time to go a week with no computer in eons.  The first time I step toes on the sand of the ground I know holds an unknown path to my destiny.

Where I am going things are a bit tumultuous.  I will not be bringing my computer, as small as it is, for security reasons.  I will be bringing my iPad and camera.  If possible I will post on facebook and tweet on twitter via my phone.  I will be keeping an old fashioned hand written journal and yes I will write it up, backdate it and share it all with you.  {Well almost all…}  I feel like I am stepping back in time for a week, back to the days missionaries sent handwritten letters that took months to arrive.  Before the days of blogs and email.

So this is my last post for probably the next 10 days or so.  Unless I have some good fortune to find a computer and a connection at my disposal.  I am not really going to be looking for one though if I am honest. 😉

I love each of you and I carry you in my heart.  Thank YOU for carrying us in your prayers as we spread our wings to fly into His wild sky filled with dreams that can only be fully realized in the middle of storms and darkness.

With love and gratefulness, Michele