patience’s journey

JUBA :: June 20-23

We leave late for Juba.  It is my fault.  I am up long hours consolidating my cyber world to take all of you with me somehow on this journey over rugged roads and war torn terrain.

My traveling companion Carolyn is amazingly patient with my delays.  I promise to keep time better thankful for her grace.  We bounce our way through 99 miles over six hours until we reach the hot dusty streets of Juba.

We settle in waiting for the connection handling our flights.  We wait.  Hours.  I am almost.  Almost comes and leaves probably 5 times before we get word some ball was dropped somewhere and we are not on a flight until Friday.

Hours of waiting turn into days of waiting.  Three days.  We run errands and do all we can do to be productive without computers and offices.  But more than anything we wait.

Good things, God doors are worth waiting for we encourage each other.  We need to call up the depth of our patience reserves.  (I couldn’t resist.  Here is baby Patience putting her own call in…)

Outside I maintain a calm enough demeanor.  Inside is another story.  Delays are real tests of peace.  Will I hold onto peace in the middle of having exercising patience and walk in extreme grace?

I only know one way.  Press in to His heart.  So deep He encompasses all of mine. 

It is important to keep focus even in the middle of bumps on the way.  We wait.  We press in to Him.  We encourage one another.  We vent just a little.  We choose grace when frustration would almost even be acceptable.  We choose to fix our gaze and capture His in the waiting, the time between the now and the not yet.  And then the waiting gives way to the gracing of His Presence opening more doors than we could dream.

If we will embrace the waiting, we will walk in His gracing of our journeys onward in Him. Where are you waiting for His grace in today?