the road home

My car door opens and a barrage of little squeals and hugs surround me before I can even step foot on the soil of home.  It is so good to be back with my babies.  To be very true I could not even tell you how we got here.

Our whirlwind journey of almost two weeks has brimmed with blessings and staggering favor.  Stories swirling around us of God doing what God does best: the impossible.  

We leave Juba at the crack of dawn dreaming, planning, remembering and listing things needing doing upon our return.  We drive, the packed earth beneath our tires smoother than we recall.  We are lost in planning sessions, storming the strategy rooms of heaven for that which God has given us to implement.  Three hours evaporate and we look up, realizing we are driving down an unknown road in an unknown direction and are very much lost in an unknown location that looks more like the Congo border than Sudan.

Our unexpected journey winds us through some of the most beautiful landscapes I have seen yet in these parts.  I spy a spot of forest I might just like to retire in.  Hidden.  Silence.  Birds and butterflies sing and flutter around.  Surreal.  We have no idea where we are and somehow that does not concern us.

In my spirit, there is a nudge.  Just keep going.  I’ve got it.  I am in control. Trust Me.  So we do.  I thank Jesus for translating us where we needed to be regardless of where we were actually going.  Somehow I know this is happening deep down and my spirit leaps in expectation.  I thought the surprise helicopter ride was the icing on our journey!

Another three hours.  Six hours deeper into the unknown.  We pass no known landmarks on this road.  There are almost no vehicles even.   We see sign posts to town names but never reach the towns.  I have never been this way before and have no idea where we actually are.

I know the normal road.  I have travelled it for 5 years this year.  We are on an unknown road going in an unknown direction.  With nothing but a nudge, Don’t worry I’ve got it. Somehow worry is the furthest thing from our minds.  This is God and we know it.  We are called away from known and normal paths.  They will not lead where He wants to take us any longer.

Six hours on this unknown road, right on cue the gate to our city simply appeared in front of us.  I now know how Phillip felt.  God’s presence grows so thick in our little silver rav4, it was disorienting.  His realm overtakes us, everything else becomes surreal, a wavering mirage against a much brighter Sun.

And then I am home.  Engulfed in hugs and spun around silly by love.  WHAT just happened?

A dramatic lesson from heaven.  We are called to the unpaved road, the unknown trail lower still in faith going a way we have never been before.  A way deeper into His heart.  A way farther out into the supernatural.  A path walked by saints and mystics of old.  An intentional abandonment to His whispered nudgings even when they fly in the face of logic, reason and common sense.  Radical trust in the whispers of heaven.

Realm walkers and light carriers, storm dancers and those who will risk it all to move with Him.  Those burning ones who long for nothing more than oneness with His heart.  When we move with the Lamb and embrace an unknown hidden path, He will carry us all the way home.

Over the next few days I will be posting the stories and lessons from the unpaved roads we have been traveling that have taken us deep into the war torn heart of northern Bahar Gazal and Warrap states.  I will never be the same.  Please journey with me and find out why.  But for those of you who would like a detailed summary of our adventures and misadventures over the last few weeks NOW, please click over to my traveling cohort, our base leader for Awiel, Carolyn’s blog post about our time there.