wings to fly

I am structure averse.  OK.  I have said it.  I see life in color and metaphor, imagery and possibility not metrics, methods and systems.

I am a free-floating creative whirlwind, a visionary pioneer.  One of my favorite sights is an open road to explore unhindered with no agenda.  I break ground.  I don’t demarcate it.  I fly by the seat of my pants and somehow it works.  Ultra intuitive, I know how I get where I get and do what I do but I am hard pressed to convey such understanding to anyone else.  But it isn’t about me anymore.

I have a family, a staff and a nation.  I fly by the seat of my pants, but I can’t carry anyone with me that way.  This will no longer do.  Our wingspan has increased.  Exponentially.  We need longer wings and wings have bones.  They have structure. 

I am going to have to embrace that which is abrasive to my very core if I want to really help others fly.  So this month we are building schedules and job descriptions for everyone.  Expectations, guides and even a few evaluations.  Change worth making is worth the cost it takes to make it.  We are not talking the rigor of rules that become walls or cages, but simply the bones for wings to soar.

I am the least and worst at all this managerial detail.  But I will stretch and grow and learn to do that which is unnatural for the benefit of those of I love so much.  That is what leaders do.  We don’t have the luxury of only doing that which we are good at ONLY.  That isn’t my gifting no longer applies.  Do it anyway.  And do it well.  Do it as if for Jesus.  Settling for comfort zones is deadly to releasing glory zones.    So don’t. Don’t settle.  Stretch.

This structure-averse night owl is scheduling her week and starting to rise before the sun to make time for all that needs a spot in her day.  Time to write a book, time to exercise, time to spend time with Him before the children rouse and the morning knocks on my door.  I don’t think it will ever be my natural, but maybe a little exercise in grace will shape my normal to better embrace the open sky.

For this I know.  I am created to fly and take a nation with me.

What area of your life might use a little more discipline, a little more structure to take wing and soar? (It not a matter of striving to make anything happen.  It is a matter of embracing His grace, honoring Him with all we are and pressing into His heart.)