freedom isn’t free

Sitting here in the early morning cool on July 4th a world away from fireworks and barbecues, I pause.

The Independence Day of my homeland carries a whole new meaning in the middle of preparations for our own celebrations in five short days.  In just 5 days, international boundary lines will change forever.  Maps will have to be redrawn, history books appended.  A new nation is in the final hours of her birth pangs to be delivered. 

She will be the world’s youngest and poorest nation with GDP of $90 per capita.  This poverty is only magnified by the fact she is also the 2nd most expensive place in the world to call home right now.  I take it all in and smile.  What an opportunity for heaven.  Blessed are the poor in spirit for THEIRS is the Kingdom of heaven.  No better place to live!  No better place to see the power of God’s Kingdom transform a nation from the inside out.

Is this what the then fledgling USA,still washed in the bloodshed of her own struggle, felt hundreds of years ago felt as her July 4th approached?  I wonder deep at it all.  Long before the UN was, before the calibrating of GDPs and ranking of poorest and richest countries, before it all: my homeland saw her own dawning and paid her own price.

I am living in history.  Humbled.  Honored.  And intensely aware freedom is anything but free.  It cost someone everything.  Independence declared and the date set, the streets of cities are decked out with South Sudan flags flown proudly over shops and meeting places.  Our new national anthem can be heard many times a day on air and our children are all humming its tune.  It is not the anthem of someone else.  It is their very own.

I am reminded this morning in the middle of brimming expectancy the most important declaration of all is not independence from a tyrannical power of oppression.  It is a declaration of being in dependence on the One Who gave everything that we might be His and that we might be truly free.

I am praying my new nation will live a declaration of in dependence on the only One Who can bring them into the fullness of His Promise over their lives.  I am undone I get to walk with them on the journey into all He is that His dreams might come true.