fresh bread for the hungry

They are the tossed aside, despised.  Unwanted, rejected, driven away with sticks and rocks.  They turn to glue and solvents to take away the hunger in their stomachs and their hearts.  Little lives as young as four and five sleeping on verandas and abandoned rail cars, running the streets.  Told they are worthless, all but invisible fixtures on the streets or paraded for others agendas.

Gentle hearts hidden deep crying out for one thing.  Love.

“Friend, you give me one pound.”  But really they long to be seen, to be listened to, to be walked with, to be given a hope and future.

Names written in heaven, destinies paid for in blood (His).  He numbers their hairs and knows their risings early and lying down late.  Spaced out on “solucion” they wander as He watches.  When they sleep in the rubbish, He sits with them and whispers dreams of brighter tomorrows.  When they are abused and beaten and afraid, He weeps.

Who will be His hands and feet to these?  Who will care enough to know their names?  Who will be love to these treasures hidden in darkness?

We come.  We show up.  Bringing bags of bread, arms that hug, eyes that look deep and smile, living Bread from heaven we sit on street corners and walk in back alleys.  And a city stands in wonder.  WHO are these white women who have come to love our children?  No one has ever done that before.  Love has come to Aweil town.

Bringing fresh bread for the hungry and love for the broken, stopping for the one again and again and again… our base in Aweil was born.  The Iris Sudan family grows and expands and we now have 100 more children to call our own.  Thank you for standing with us in prayer and being apart of God’s Kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven!