when your world goes up in smoke

I am visiting one of our Iris pastor’s in Awiel at his home in a settlement of returnees from the north, and refugees fleeing Darfur, Nuba and Abyei.  Their worlds now encompassed in grass mat shelters; highly flammable, subject to fickle winds carrying careless fire.  One man is cooking lentils one minute then next watching helplessly what is left of his past erupt into flame.  By the time we run across the field, he is picking stoically through the ashes of what remains.  He rescues smoldering remnants of a charred metal bed frame and bicycle, shaking his head in silence.

I am stunned.  My world is rocked and it reels for his loss.  What do you do when your world goes up in smoke?  What about when it is your neighbor’s world?  And who qualifies as that?  Is this my neighbor?

Of course he is.  I turn to our pastor and empty pockets to leave a fund to help the rebuilding.  An anonymous one.  I do not advocate throwing money at a problem but this man needs a house and that would take resources.  I trust our local leader.  He will know how to help in a way that frees and doesn’t create dependency on anyone but God.

Micah 6:8 says do justly.  Love mercy.  Walk humbly with God.  But what does THAT look like?  What does that mean in America, in the bush of Africa, to us living on this unpaved road?  What does LOVE that is REAL look like?

One of our local papas in the faith here, told me the other day, “I don’t believe in a love that is spoken.”  Again truth hits hard.  Love is lived out loud.  A love with only words is not really love.  True love walks and stands, holds the hurting and gives its life away.  But what does that mean really?

And that is what Tuesdays are about here now.  Welcome to Truly Tuesdays.  Where we delve into His Truth that frees… looking at social justice issues, mercy and living His love out loud together.  I want to invite you to explore with me how this Micah Mandate might become a word enfleshed in our lives, because the words enfleshed and lived out are the only ones that truly matter.


Let’s start with pondering what a love that is lived out loud, not spoken only looks like for the next 3 weeks. Ponder deep and write your heart. A story, something you are learning, walking out in your own journey in this area.  Then link up below with other real, raw and relational sojourners on this unpaved road into God’s heart.  WHO knows we might even make some new friends along the way!  Wouldn’t that be good fun!  Click over to see the links and meet some new awesome traveling mates!

Looking forward to getting to know you.  Grab the “Truly Tuesdays” button (size it to fit your needs) and hyperlink back to the relevant weekly post so we can find you and enjoy hearing your heart. 😉

And for these posts, the comments will be open for a week or so after posting to include you who don’t have a blog to call your own so you too can join in the conversation… comments are moderated so please, keep it positive and on topic.  Thanks for that!  Grace to all your journeys this week.

2 thoughts on “when your world goes up in smoke

  1. Thank you for keeping me grounded and letting me be part of your journey. I love Jesus in you and pray for you daily. As a wife and mom my world of influence is quite small next to yours and I long to learn to linger in HIS presence like you do. Please keep the inspiration coming 🙂

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