bloom from the inside

Matt 6:28-9 Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin and yet I say to you that even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these…

Scarcely 3 months ago my beautiful flower had nowhere to be planted.  She was wilted and trampled, being treated as if she was worth not even as much as the rubbish she lived among. Now she has come home.  Now she begins to bloom right from the inside out.

I was told she was severely disabled and unable to learn.  Instead we find out despite some learning challenges, being traumatized and having a few other opportunities to lean into grace, she is extremely bright.  One of our new missionaries is making a customized curriculum for her so she can learn with us one-on-one while the rest of the family is in school.  The joy of seeing her overcome!

I look at her smile and I melt.  I think of her past and I ache deep.  She amazes me, her gentle spirit that looks far beyond the surface of things.  She’s been through so much and yet she still loves without reservation or hesitation with her whole heart.

THAT challenges me.  It lays me low.

Will I dare love with my whole heart?  Will I, who has not even walked an inch through her valley of pain, lean so fully into trust as she does? She has crowns in heaven we know not of.

She giggles and says, “Mama,”  and I realize how privileged I am.  Again I lean into His embrace, humbled to be entrusted with some of His dearest treasures.  Again I pray this morning, “Papa teach me how to love like you love and see like you see.”  He smiles.  I feel it wash over even my tired places.

He is.  Teaching me this.  And He brings me His best teachers who giggle among the flowers and stun me with their unreserved love. Thank You Papa for all of this and so so much more.

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