love looks like something

Love looks like…

safe boundaries.

not being left to cry alone.

bandaging open wounds until they heal.

someone to color with.

seeing beyond what is visible to what is true.

being willing to be chalk covered and so tired you mix three languages and speak nonsense.

making time and space for each others special needs (we ALL have them).

grace for those who fear what they do not understand.

rainbows on paper and cement and us.

patience in the waiting.

taking time to guard a gate to a world that might bring harm.

hugs and smiles when you feel more like a good cry.

like laying aside the necessary and the pressing for the eternal that outweighs them all.

trusting Jesus really does have a plan for getting done that which needs getting done. He really, really does.

those who have been forgiven much, rescued from life’s deepest pits coming tenderly to the rescue of this one still struggling to find the light.

sitting on a mat on a hot July afternoon with some of heaven’s greatest treasures.

Love looks like lessons in Mercy.

The comments are open on this post.  I have given up on linking parties for the moment due to poor internet connections here.  Simply slip the link to your post, if you have one, into your comment and we will all enjoy each other that way.  Remember we are talking about the practical raw real down-in-the dirt supernatural love of God in this season and all comments are moderated.

11 thoughts on “love looks like something

  1. i am so glad to hear from you this way, walking and living abiding with Him, thankyou for your faithfulness to Him. He is so Beautiful, His Ways are astounding, amazing, keeping the line separating His and Men’s Ways is not clear always and its gut wrienching many times but i am so glad you tarry in His Ways and that He Shelters yours, so strange to see the Kingdom of His alive and well and glad and bright the flesh struggling, it is difficult for flesh but thankyou for Your faithfulness to Him and sharing Him. Oh that He Bless You with the Full illumination of Him in You and Yours

  2. Thank you for reminding me that Jesus really does have a plan, and He is trustworthy whether you are in Sudan changing lives one at a time or in Montana…I pray God strengthens you physically, emotionally and spiritually. May He make His face to shine on you, on Mercy, on the children who trust Him so well and on Sudan.

  3. Today I’m reading Job and fully realizing that love does NOT try to make a theology out of someone’s suffering. How different would Job’s story be if his friends had partnered with God’s heart and loved him instead of judging, condemning, and rejecting? It’s so awesome though how Job is justified and blessed in the end. May I never look at suffering and start getting some false sense of holiness that my theology is good. How could I have ever had a sense of satisfaction when something terrible happened to someone else? That is the religious spirit of Job’s friends. Papa, give me always a heart that sees suffering as a call to my action to cry, help, love, and pray.

  4. i praise OUR GOD THE FATHER OF OUR LORD JESUS that i found you…you are my muse, in more ways than simple inspiration of poetry and creative endeavor. you are doing what i saw myself doing when i was a young girl called to full-time ministry. multiplied blessings to you, dear Sister, may you see HIS GLORY like never before on the unpaved road….Isa 35

  5. Love comes from empty vessels filled with the Holy Spirit. Praise God that we get to be His clay pots, that He might be poured out on a beauty called Mercy. You are a glorious clay pot Michele. I pray that God would expand all of our hearts to love the way He does. Standing with you in the spirit.

  6. Thanks for the reminder…HE DOES, REALLY!!!! 🙂 joyfully covering you and your calling in prayer daily 🙂

  7. Dear Michele…thank you for the blessing your life and words are…yes, love…He is love, the very essence…and though we speak with the tongues of angels, or give all we have-even our bodies to be burned and have not love-we have nothing, for God IS love…may He surround you in the beautiful breeze of His presence!

  8. Divine Love Takes Us There….

    On the surface, the scripture…Roman 12:15… seems easy. Of course, I will rejoice when I hear good news and of course I am grieved when I hear tragic news…..I can do that….check that one off the list……but wait….

    Over the years I have learned… really rejoice with those who rejoice we have to get outside of ourselves… needs Divine Love to come…..because what do you do when someone finds out they are pregnant and you just lost a baby….someone’s marriage is flourishing and yours is dying……. your health is compromised and your surrounded by people bounding in energy and strength. The challenges can go on and on….this is where one digs for the Divine….taking the aching heart….full of pain and disappointment and asking God to give His rejoicing heart….to be authentic in the rejoicing…..only Divine Love can take each of us there….

    Weeping seems easier….of course one is sad to hear bad news….it’s only human. But to truly mourn with someone….one has to come up close…..standing alongside the wounded in their deepest darkness……this takes time…. this takes prayer… this takes patience….this takes Divine Love….because many times those who are mourning….whether it is a death….marriage….prodigal child….lose of health….just plain loss…. these are on a long slow journey…. and the faint of heart will not endure…. oftentimes on this prolonged journey, “friends” can’t go the distance….. Whoever compels you to go one mile, go with him two…Matthew 5:41….only Divine Love can take each of us there…..

  9. Just thinking what love looks like in the horn of Africa right now – does anyone have Iris contacts up that way?

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