change the world

What can you do for $35/month?

Buy a few lattes.  Take 3 people to one movie. By a shirt on sale.

Change the world.

Starting at just $35/month you can now join us in Sudan by co-sponsoring one of our precious children, His Promises Found.

Your sponsorship helps us to provide the direct services needed in the care of our children and the running of the centers where they live.  I am so very excited to be able to fling wide the doors of our family to you and invite you to join us on this gloriously messy bumpy unpaved road where we are seeing God’s love change a nation, one little life at a time.

If you would like more information on how to be part of changing the world for $35/month, hop on over here to read more and sign up to be a part.  If you are social media savvy or have a blog and might be so inclined, please tweet and post away to help us get the word out.

Love all of you so much sweet friends.  Each one of you is a treasure.  And what a journey we are on!